Ayocer is a platform with lots of products and feature designed to help you connect and socialize, share and discover what matters to you, promote your brand and business, and make money.


Get paid for your posts and receive monthly payments for every user that signs up on Ayocer. Send, receive and withdraw funds. Learn more.


Dedicated page to feature the blog posts you've written and publish on the platform. The blogs are collected in an organized and searchable manner.


Link exchange tool for blogs and website owners. Linex helps users reach more audience and customers in their niche.

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A messaging system that allows users to send unlimited free messages. Delivery report let's you know when your message is: sent, delivered or read. Control who message you from settings


Social integration tool enable users to link their Twitter and Pinterest account to Ayocer so when followed on Ayocer they are also followed on connected platforms.

Front-facing Profile

Highly intuitive and easily navigable user profile page makes it extremely easy for people to connect and engage with you or your brand.

leverage Ayocer

The ability to make a difference is not always in size or age, it's in the ability to see beyond what the eyes beholds. Ayocer is pratically engineered to bring every positive dreams to life. It's more than just a social networking platform. It's what you need when you need it.


What is Wallet?

Wallet is a robust monetary system coupled with a foolproof user interface. The wallet system enables users to perform monetary transactions such as: send, receive, make, and withdraw funds on the platform.



Join thousands of peoople to connect and share with friends and families and meet new friends on Ayocer. It's free to create an account and it takes less than a minute to sign up.

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