Introducing AYOCER

AYOCER - The social media platform of choice, privacy and freedom.

Ayocer is a social media platform where you can share, text, and connect freely. It's a product-bundled platform featuring products and services spanning accross many industries.

We never sell your data; label or censor your content as hate speech when it doesn't align with a particular religious or political view; and we never deliberately limit your organic reach to force you to run paid ads.

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On Ayocer we are focused on privacy and security

Privacy & security

We respect user privacy and will never collect or share any information on or about a user without their prior knowledge and consent. Also, each user of the platform have a detailed settings page that allows them control what they share and with whom they share.

On Ayocer we strife to ensure your content reach the broadest audience range possible

Broader audience reach

We believe the beauty of a platform is not in the number of engaged users, but rather in the number of accessible audience to each user. Our platform is designed to enable users reach comparatively the broadest audience even with a fraction of followership they have on the other platforms.

On Ayocer we have a flexibility of service

Flexibility of service

We have, and intend to add even more flexible products and services that can adapt to users requirements and contribute largely positively to users' personal, social, business, and financial growth in more ways than one.

Ayocer is the first social media platform to implement platform-to-user synced monetization

More ways to earn 💸

Ayocer has numerous mechanisms in place that allows you to make money on and from the platform. You earn $0.01 per refferal. We have also employed a freemium monetization model whereby every user can make money simply by inviting their friends to join Ayocer. See How

You control what you see on your newsfeed and how

Interest driven Newsfeed

With our interest-driven newsfeed, it is much more easier for users' to discover the content that matters most to them. Also, user can choose either chronological or algorithmic feed type; We believe, to have power over your feed is to have power over your world.

The Ayocer platform is extremely easy to use

Compact and easy-to-use platform

We are equally passionate about design as we are about building a platform with bundled products that contributes largely positively to the users growth. We strife hard to ensure that our platform functionalities are easy to understand and our design easy to use.


Ayocer enables users to easily find and connect with friends

Find & connect with friends

We constantly find and suggest people who share similar connections, interests, location, or history with you for you to follow so you can see what they share on the platform. When you follow someone and they follow back, a friendship connection is created.

Share text photos and videos on Ayocer

Share text, photos, and videos

You can share unlimited number of text, photos, and videos for free on the platform. Also, you do not have to fear censorship as we respect your right to your own thoughts and opinions.

On Ayocer, you can leverage Linkex to get your content discovered

Exhange Links

Your online pages and articles can now reach a wilder audience. Our content discovery solution - linkex helps facilitate this by systematically trading links between registered platforms. Learn more

Ayocer fundraiser enables anyone to easily raise funds from other users on the platform

Raise Funds

Wether it is to pay tution, start a business, or give to charity. Needless to say, the reason might be infinite but the fact is one. We all need money! Ayocer fundraiser equally enables ordinary people, organization and business entity to raise funds to address their distinct needs. Unlike our competitors, our fundraiser works worldwide and there's no restriction by geographical position Learn more

With Ayocer blog, it is now possible to build different audience for different topics and interests


The typical user has more than one passion or interest, and often times it's just better to collect different audience for our different interests. Create a blog for your food & recipe interest and another for your outdoor & travel passion so there's no conflict of interests amongst your followers. Also, blog posts gets 5x more distribution on average than regular post does. Learn more

Chat and send free unlimited messages on Ayocer

Chat & Message

Sometimes we want to engage and communicate directly with a particular user on a platform. On the Ayocer platform, you can send free unlimited messages to any member on the platform as long as their settings permits. You can attach links, photos, and videos to your messages. Also, delivery reports lets you know when your message is sent, delivered, and read.

Ayocer enables users to connect other social media accounts and manage from the Ayocer platform

Manage other platforms

On Ayocer, you can can connect and manage other platforms. Once you connect a platform, you can post and schedule posts to the platform, and when people follow you on Ayocer, they will also follow you on the connected platforms as well. Learn more

Users can create and benefit from monetary giveaways on Ayocer

Do monetary Giveaway

On Ayocer, you can create giveaway posts that is attached with some monetary value which is to be distributed amongst randomly selected users from the people that engaged with the post. Giveaway offers great advantage to both creator and beneficiaries. Learn more

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Hold and manage funds

All users on Ayocer are assigned a wallet upon registration, this enables them to make, hold, send, gift or tranfer money on the platform. More so, it enables users to recieve monetary gifts from posts and transfer funds by generating and sharing money links.

Ayocer allows users to easily follow topics of interest to discover

Discover and follow trends

Populate your feed with your interests. On Ayocer, you are not limited to just following people, you can follow topics by hashtags as well. Following an hashtag let's you see updates on the followed topic even as it unfolds, in your newsfeed.

Get insightful data on a specific topic with Ayocer poll

Poll for opinions

Poll is a special type of post with which users can present questions with a preset number of posible response options. The Ayocer poll stats also includes details such as, the number of participating countries, the gender of participants by select options and more.

Get insightful data on a specific topic with Ayocer poll


Create your own commutity or join existing commutity to share your views, ideas, and opinion with like-minded people. Group privacy and security settings allows you to control who can join your group based on sexual orientation, religious views, age, and more. Learn more

Get insightful data on a specific topic with Ayocer poll


Create a page for your brand, business, or organization. Add managers to help manage the page alongside you. Page settings allows you to control what each managers can do in the page and also how people can interact with your page. Learn more

Get to see more features on Ayocer

Enjoy more..

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