Death by Sandwich

My Strange Experiences
My Strange Experiences
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I almost died choking on food , i asked for help , a classroom of 22 nurses , and not one helped me b, i had to help myself

Death by Sandwich

I work as a support technician for a healthcare company that does updates and upgrades for established medical nurses , as well as training new nurses and pharmacy assistants and many other flavors of health care practitioners .

A few days ago , I was in my office ,  surrounded by computers and medical equipment fixing and upgrading as per usual. There was a class of 22 nurses in the next room doing an update on wound care and our head planner was in her office and the receptionist was at the front desk.

. I took a bite of my sandwich and tapped away on my keyboard .

I felt something in my throat , Ok . I took a bit of a big bite , I chided myself .
Just swallow ..
I tried …
I tried to swallow again ,
It was still there..
I tried to breath in through my nose ..
my mind raced .. what now ?
I got up and ran to my office door , I almost ran into our planner ,
she jumped and looked back at me , as if she was about to scold me for giving her a fright.
My eyes were bulging , I waved my arms , pointing at my throat , then  tried to say “choking help “
She screamed for the receptionist ..”help , quick ,. something is wrong with Paul

I rammed my chest into the doorway , trying to wind myself and expel the obstruction .
I was starting to panic.
It was about a minute going onto two since my last breath of air.
I ran for the class of nurses , surly I could get some help from them.
They had started exiting the classroom to see what all the commotion was.
I fell on my knees , and tried to motion for Heimlich maneuver .
I felt someone pat my back , I was on my knees by this stage , gasping and grunting.
I felt my skin go all clammy and moist and my eyes felt like they were going to shoot out my scull.
The one male nurse who was there stepped behind me and placed his arms under my rib cage , and heaved ..
Nothing ,,
he tried again ..
I was crying by this stage , snot was pouring out my nose , my eyes were wild , and I was desperately looking at all the shocked faces .
Someone was telling me not to panic .
Sure lady , you come and feel what its like to drown in a room full on onlookers .
I was angry ..
I didnt want to die , not like this ..
I was on my knees , and so I put my fingerer in my throat , and felt for the obstruction.
I felt it , and pushed my finger further in , curved around it , and pulled .
With a horrible thud a piece of cucumber shot onto the floor with a big splat of blood and spit .
I took in a big breath ..
And howled ..
I cried , a cry of pure horror , of happiness and fright ,
I sucked in a big breath and stumbled to the bathroom ,
I cried , I was angry , at myself , at the nurses and embarrassed
. I looked in the mirror , and howled and sobbed ..
I heard people come in and try and comfort me , I asked them to leave me alone.
I managed to get myself together , splashed water on my face , and walked back to my office.
I was angry , furious , and I was so traumatized . 22 Nurses , and I had to help myself.
It must have shown , as when I half stumbled back to my office , no one said a thing .
Everyone was in shock. , I grabbed my bag , my jacket , and told the receptionist , that I am taking the rest of the day off .
I asked the receptionist to please thank the Male nurse for trying , I appreciate it , and I went home.
As soon as I got home , I burst into tears , I cried and cried and cried.
I climbed into bed and woke a few hours later , My throat was swollen and sore , and my ribs felt bruised. I had also smashed my reading glasses and my cell phone screen was shattered.
I was alive ..
But believe me , I really didn't want to be because of the pain I was in.

I thought about this incident allot. I really gave those nurses a lesson that I don't think they will ever forget . But I also wondered about why no one reacted ..

This Pandemic… I think that most of them were to terrified to do anything , as there is such a fear placed on us all , help if you can .. But to have 22 people staring at you while you struggle to breath , all just looking at me , not even trying to help .. That was the most traumatic part for me.

So let this be a lesson for you all out there . If you are choking , you have to try and save yourself . use your fingers to find the obstruction and get it out.. And if someone out there reacts and heroically attempts to save your life without any fear of harming themselves , That is what a true Hero is ..

And if you fear more for your own life , and have the knowledge and training to save another persons life , then , Please , don't just stand there and watch , go and find someone that can help.
The Heimlich Maneuver saves people. And one day , just like that It will be your turn to be thrashing around on the floor , begging for help , gasping for breath and praying for a person who will help you . I truly hope that anyone who reads this will not have to experience the trauma and terror that I went through ..

I for one , will go and relearn my Heimlich Maneuver and I promised myself that I would react and help first , and deal with the consequences afterwards , because no one deserves to die from a piece of food stuck in their throat , especially if someone can do something about it.

I am still angry , but mostly sad. Sad that this is what its come to with this pandemic. A place were 22 people would rather watch someone die in front of them , than help.

Look , I am not saying all nurses are , well not that helpful , although the 22 I experienced were pretty much Voyeurs , I just wanted to try and make sense of this traumatic experience I had by placing it down and reading it.

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