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AYOCER: A platform to Get Social and Get Paid

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Ayocer helps you to connect with people, share photos, and videos and get paid for your posts. On Ayocer, you get auto followed on Twitter and Pinterest

Ayocer is a completely personalized social network that allows you follow trending topics and people and keep current with local and global happenings, share text, photos, and videos, send free unlimited messages, and more importantly, make money from your engagements and activities on the platform.

Ayocer has quite a number of interesting unique features compared to the existing social networks, this includes a system that helps users get some monetary returns from their regular social networking activities. You can receive monetary gifts from the posts shared on the platform and also get up to USD $40 monthly from each person referred on the platform.


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  1. Share text, photos, and videos through post or by sending as a direct message.
  2. Send instant messages with delivery status reports.
  3. Get auto-followed on Twitter and Pinterest when followed on Ayocer.
  4. Publish blog posts on Ayocer and have them featured on your blog channel for easy reach by your followers.
  5. Receive encouraging monetary gifts from the posts you share on the platform.
  6. Get free unlimited backlinks and traffic to your website with Linex.
  7. Advance privacy and security settings put you in total control of your account and profile.

Ayocer has a wallet system which upon registration is assigned freely to the registered user. While a user maintains an account on the site, the wallet allows them to hold monetary values on the site and also enables them to carry out monetary transactions such as: transferring funds to users registered or unregistered on the site. The Wallet system was primarily designed to enable users to earn on Ayocer.

For example, when you share a post on Ayocer, people can easily send you money represented as gifts in just two clicks. The money is then held in your wallet until you are ready to use or transfer the funds to your Paypal or Skrill account. Learn more.

Integration with Twitter & Pinterest

Ayocer is integrated with Twitter and Pinterest to enable users to expand their network of fans and followership. When followed on Ayocer user also gets followed on connected social networks including Twitter and Pinterest. You can link your Pinterest and Twitter account here

Link exchange service - Linex

Linex is a link exchange tool designed to help bloggers and website owners reach more of their audience and customers in any niche and helps to build thousands of natural unlimited backlinks and traffic from reputable websites and blogs. Linex is a premium service, therefore, it requires users to have an active wallet subscription. User wallet needs to be subscribed to either the Premium or Apex wallet package. Learn more.

Personal Blog channel

It's not enough to be able to express yourself freely, but the ability to express yourself and format your thoughts in an exact way and manner that you want is priceless. So more than just updating your status with short texts and photos, you can also write and publish unlimited blog posts on the platform. All your blog posts are featured on your blog channel and you control the categories of people who can see or access your channel. You could open to Friends, Followers, Public or Private ( Which means it's only accessible to you ). Individual blog posts also appear in news feed where it can be seen by millions of people.

Private Messaging

It's not all the time you want to make your conversations public, everyone wants to go in private mode sometimes with specific users. Ayocer enables you to send unlimited messages to any user on the platform - if the target user privacy permits. As a user, you can control the category of people who can send you messages (Friends, Following (people you follow), Public, Private (Noone). You may also mute or block a particular user which will prevent them from messaging you.

Photos and videos can be attached to your chats. And our chat delivery status report helps you to know when your chat has been sent, delivered, and read.

Privacy & Security

We take security and privacy seriously so we have provided advance settings options which users can finetune to get the desired level of security and privacy.

Generally, we use HTTPS secure connection. This means every information transmitted to and from our website is encrypted in transition so your information is safe from attackers.

In some cases, you may have to enter your credit card information on our website to initiate or complete a transaction. Please note that we use a secure third-party card processor (Paystack) for this purpose.

We do not save your credit card information on our own server and your credit card information is always transferred over a secure connection to be processed.

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