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What you need to know about Ayocer referral

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Ayocer helps you to make money from people you referred on the platform and this article is aimed at helping you understand the Ayocer referral system

The fact that you're reading this we assume you are already familiar with the Ayocer social earning mechanism. We also, reasonably believe you already understand that one of the primary ways to earn money on Ayocer is through receiving a particular percentage splits from the monthly account upgrade fee charged from the people you have referred to the platform.

Our system is designed to use both implicit and explicit referral tracking mechanisms. In this guide, we will explain how both implicit and explicit tracking works. We'll also give some general tips and suggestions on how referral works on Ayocer.

General Tips

Note The platform place referral cookie on user machine regardless of whether or not they are already logged in on the platform. Whenever there's a new sign-up from a particular computer, the platform checks to see whether there's a referral cookie stored on the computer, if so, the new user is assumed to have been referred by the person found in the cookie.

How referral works behind the scene:

1. First, the platform determines a user to be placed into the referral cookie in the visitor computer. This is done in one of two ways: implied or expressed.
2. The platform checks to see if there's already a user existing in the referral cookie slot on the user computer.

-- If YES
  a. If the user in the cookie referral slot is an Apex subscriber, well, sorry for the new determined referral, these apex guys can't be overridden, so the system aborts the operation.
  b. If the user in the cookie referral slot is not an Apex subscriber, the user is switched out and replaced by the new determined referral.

-- If NO
  1. The platform simply places the new determined referral in the referral cookie slot on the visitor computer. 

Now, that we understand the basic rule for the referral system, we will go ahead and explain the two primary ways a referral is determined on Ayocer.

Implied Referral

A referral can be implied when non has been explicitly provided to the platform. In this case, the platform employs a mechanism that allows it to determine the user that is reasonably fit to be applied as the referral to the browser.

When no referral has been explicitly provided, the platform can imply a referral when any of the following events takes place. 

  1. A user timeline is viewed. The person whose profile is seen is implied as the new referral.
  2. A post, photo, or video is viewed. The user who published the material will be implied as the referral.
  3. A comment on a post, photo, or video is seen. The user who published the original content that the comment was made on will be implied as the referral.
  4. A gallery is viewed. The owner of that gallery will be implied as the referral.
  5.  A blog, channel, or article on a particular blog is seen. The channel owner, the blog founder, or the article publisher will be implied as the referral.
  6. A fundraiser page or campaign is accessed. The fundraiser founder or the campaign publisher will be implied as the referral.
  7.  A group is visited. The group founder will be implied as the referral.
  8. A page is visited. The page creator is implied as a referral.
  9. A money token link is accessed. The token creator is implied as a referral. PS: A money token is a link generated to hold a specific amount of money up to $100 and can last up to 24 hours. Once generated, the fund embedded will be credited to the first user to access the link.

Those are a few of the instances where the system can imply a referral and who the implied referral will be in different cases.

Explicit Referral

An explicit referral is when a user explicitly refers people to the platform by adding the parameter: "ref=" to any link on the platform and adding their tracking code ( which is either a username or user ID ) to the parameter. The end result may look something like "ref=Bob" or "ref=123456789". 

An explicit referral has the advantage of priority over implied referral since the platform can only imply a referral when non has been explicitly provided. This allows users to refer users to other users' content. And the platform even does this for you. You would notice any time you share any content or profile from the platform, a referral ID is automatically added to the shared link. 

For example, imagine you find a blog article on the platform and decided to share it, the platform automatically place you as the referral of any reader that came through your link because your referral ID has been explicitly attached to the content so the article publisher will not be credited with the people that visited the article through your shared link.

What is user Referral ID

A user could use either their Ayocer username or User ID as their referral ID. The Ayocer referral tracking system can automatically, smartly understand which was used and accurately pin the referred user to the target user. 

Finding User ID: Once logged in, simply go to the account page to find your User ID. The user ID is a string of numbers typically located immediately under a user's name on the account page. You can reach the account page from the menu navigation easily accessible from any page of the site.

Setting username ( space ID ): To set a username, you must first log in to your account then go to your profile page, you'll find a field to set your preferred username (space ID) in the first section of the profile page.

Which should you use? User-ID or Username

As mentioned earlier, either username or user ID can be used as the referral ID. But before making a decision on which one to use as your preferred referral ID, there are some things we think you need to understand.

Usernames may change over time.

A username change could be initiated by you. If for some reason you no longer wish to use an old username you can easily go to your profile and set a new username. But doing this will cause the old username no longer to serve as your referral ID. This can be a really bad thing if you've always used your username as your referral ID since the links will no longer track referrals for you.

In addition, usernames are not guaranteed to live forever as they can be reclaimed by us for a number of reasons, such as when your username conflicts with a file system on our server or the username have been legally claimed by another user. 

More so, usernames are not reserved, when you select a new username the old username immediately becomes publicly available and could be picked by someone else. When a username is picked by someone else, all the referral links you have shared using the username as your referral ID will only now work for the new user and there's no way to reclaim the username.

Unlike usernames, the user ID can never be changed or updated, so in that regard, it is more secure to use user ID as your referral ID instead of a username. But on the flipside, usernames are easier to memorize and include in links rather than User ID ( which is a string of integers ). 

Both the username and user ID has its own advantage and disadvantages to being used as the referral ID. Though, at first look the disadvantages of using a username as one preferred referral ID appears to outweigh the advantages; but still, this doesn't necessarily mean users can't use username securely as the preferred referral ID. It all begins by choosing a username you wouldn't have a need to change in the future and that is less likely to go against our username guidelines.

The recommended practice for referring people to the platform

When you do not intend to link directly to a specific page on the site, in most cases, giving people the link to your page on Ayocer is good enough to refer them.

Grow your referral naturally by simply sharing the link to your page or by sharing the link to the content you have posted on Ayocer.  

For example, if you have set Bob as your username, the link to your page will be https://ayocer.com/Bob. Or, in the case where you have not set your username, you could also use your User ID https://ayocer.com/123456789Simply share the link to your page our referral system will take care of the rest.

Whenever you share a link from the platform (whether a link to the content you own or owned by others), your referral ID is automatically attached to the shared link so if the person who visits the link signs up within the next 30 days after using the link, you will be automatically registered as the user's referer. Remember to share more frequently from the platform to outside networks and platforms and build an even bigger referral in a relatively short time. 

Referrals are cloaked

For privacy reasons, referred persons are cloaked. Meaning you won't be able to identify the people that have signed up on the platform through you, as an individual. You will only be able to see these referred people generally represented as users from your wallet dashboard.

In a Wrap

The best way to gain more referrals in a relatively short period of time is by publishing amazing content on the platform (this allows you to leverage implied referral), and also sharing more profiles and content from the platform.