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Withdrawing funds from your wallet

Last revised:
Withdraw funds from wallet balance to either Paypal or Skrill. Payment is processed within 48 hours

Funds from wallet can be withdrawn into either Paypal or Skrill wallet. You can edit your preferred gateway to which withdrawn funds are paid into from settings

We charge a 5% withdrawal fee for Paypal withdrawal and 7% withdrawal fee for withdrawal into Skrill. Please note that Paypal may charge additional fees from the funds transferred to your Paypal wallet.

Conditions for Withdrawal:

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount is USD $100.
  2. User login email must be verified before a user can withdraw funds.
  3. The associated user login email must correspond with the email associated with the payment gateway where the funds will be withdrawn to.
  4. Apex wallet subscribers can withdraw once in three (3) days, Premium subscribers once in a week, and starter and non-active wallet can withdraw once in two weeks.
  5. The maximum amount a user may be allowed to withdraw is determined by the wallet package subscribed to.
  6. User may not initiate another withdrawal request until the currently pending request is resolved.
  7. Withdrawal may take up to 48 hours to be processed.