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How to transfer funds from wallet

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Ayocer provides three primary ways to send money to others. First is wallet-to-wallet transfer and the other is money token. We'll explain both in this article

There's a lot of things a user might do with the money in their wallet. For instance, a user might withdraw the funds to their Paypal or Skrill account, or maybe choose to send or transfer some funds to others. Whatever a user decision is with their money, we make sure it is exceptionally easy to carry out.

For the sake of this article, we will discuss how a user may send or transfer funds to others, on Ayocer. 

Sending and transferring funds is extremely easy to do on Ayocer. As a matter of fact, there are three options to do this. Two of these options only allow a user to transfer money to other persons that have an account on Ayocer. The other option enables users to send money to anyone regardless of whether or not they currently maintain an account on Ayocer.

There's a lot of reasons why a user might want to send or transfer funds to others. Some of the most obvious reasons include: to appreciate or support a user or content or to pay a winner of a contest, etc. Whatever the reason may be, we have designed the wallet system to smoothly and securely process the transaction. 

The three options to send and transfer funds on Ayocer are: sending money as gifts, doing a wallet-to-wallet transfer, and generating and sending money tokens ( send links that hold a specified amount of money ). We will describe each one of these options in turn in this article.

1. Send money as Gifts

This is by far the easiest and most direct way to transfer funds to others on Ayocer. A fund may be transferred as Gifts from the posts that have been shared by others. Each Gift available on a post carries a monetary value. When a user clicks on a Gifts from a post, the monetary value for that particular Gift is deducted from the user wallet and credited to the target user's wallet. 

We consider this the most direct and easiest way to transfer funds because it only takes two clicks to complete.


1. A user must have an active wallet to receive monetary gifts from their posts.

2. The maximum monetary value a gift can hold is $10. To send a larger amount at once the user might want to consider doing wallet-to-wallet transfer instead.

3. There's a limit on the number of Gifts a user can receive per day. This limit is determined by the wallet package a user is actively subscribed to.

4. Only users who have an account on Ayocer and have shared at least a post on Ayocer can receive funds sent as Gifts.

2. Do wallet-to-wallet money transfer

The wallet-to-wallet transfer enables users to transfer funds to other users on Ayocer who are open to receiving wallet-to-wallet fund transfer from others on the platform.

To transfer money to another user using wallet-to-wallet transfer, go to the wallet and click on the transfer tab. Once the transfer window is loaded, enter the name or username of the user you want to transfer funds to. The system will automatically suggest users matching your search as you type.

Sometimes, you may find that the user you want to transfer funds to does not appear in your search. This could happen for a number of reasons, such as when a user has blocked or muted you. Also, for privacy reasons, we have provided an option in user account settings which allows them to choose the category of people who can do wallet-to-wallet fund transfer to them. 

A user can enable wallet-to-wallet fund transfer for "public", "no one ( don't want to receive wallet-to-wallet transfer )", "friends", or "followers". To be able to transfer money to a user using wallet-to-wallet transfer, you'll have to be in the categories of people the user has allowed to transfer funds to them using wallet-to-wallet transfer.

If you can't find a user you want to transfer funds to in search, please contact them personally to check if they have muted or blocked you. You may also advise the user to edit their privacy settings to allow you in the categories of people who can transfer funds to them.

In addition, there are limits on the number of transfers and money that can be sent and received per day based on a user's active wallet subscription. 


1. The user doing the fund transfer must be in the category of users allowed by the target user to send them money through wallet-to-wallet transfer.

2. Unlike sending money as Gifts, this option requires a few more clicks to complete a transaction. 

3. The receiving user must already have an account on Ayocer to receive funds. 

3. Generate and send money tokens ( links holding a specified amount of money )

Money tokens are codes which a user generates to hold a specified amount of money. The code holding the specified amount can then be attached to the money token endpoint(URL) [ https://ayocer.com/mt/[the-code] ]

Since money tokens are links holding a specified monetary value, it therefore enables users to transfer funds to any person regardless of whether or not the person has an account on Ayocer.

When a money token is created, the token is automatically added to the money token endpoint. The end result might look something like "https://ayocer.com/mt/[12345]".

The money held in a token is redeemable only to the first user to use the link. When a token link is used by the first user, it becomes irredeemable to others.

Please note that just because a user has visited a money link doesn't necessarily mean the fund on the token has been claimed automatically to their wallet. No! What this means, instead, is that the money is made unavailable to others so as to allow the first user the chance to claim the funds to their wallet. 

Once a money token has been generated, here's what could happen:

  1. A user visits the link, and the system immediately places a cookie on the user's machine to track the money token to that person.
  2. The token becomes invalidated on the server to ensure that no other person can redeem the funds except for the user who was first to use the link.
  3. If the first link user is logged in at the time of using the link, and the said user is eligible to claim the funds in the token, the money is immediately moved to the user wallet. ( A user is not eligible to claim funds in a token when the money in the token is more than $50 and the user does not have an active wallet )

If the user is not logged in at the time of using the link, the information available on the token is extracted and displayed to the user. Information includes, who has sent the money and how much is contained in the token. The user is then prompted to log in or signup to claim the funds in the token.

In a situation where a user is logged in but the account logged in to is not eligible to claim the funds in the token, the user will be asked to log in to a different account or activate their wallet to be eligible to claim the funds from the token to their wallet.

A user may log in and log out of several different accounts while trying to find an account that will be eligible to claim the funds. However, the funds from a token are automatically credited to the first user account logged in to, on the same system, that is eligible to claim the funds from the token.

Once a money token is used ( the funds on the token has been successfully transferred to a user ), the user who created the token is notified by email and from the in-site notification about the transaction and the user who has claimed the funds.

Note that the funds from a token are only debited from the creator's wallet when the target is eligible to claim the funds to their wallet.

Since funds are not debited immediately from a users wallet when they generate money token, it is possible that a user may spend too much from their wallet to cover the funds that a token is supposed to cover. In situations like this, the token is deleted automatically. 


1. A money token is automatically deleted after 24 hours that it has been created.

2. Money token may be deleted ( either by the creator or by Ayocer ) before the funds are finally transferred to another's users wallet. 

3. No more than $100 can be contained in a token.

4. A user may only have up to 20 active money tokens at once.

Tip: Money token places a referral tracking cookie on a target users machine. If the user who plans to claim the funds decides to sign up on Ayocer, then the user is placed as the creditor's referee. Money token can be useful to gain more referrals.

Warning: Trying to guess money tokens or attempting to use expired or invalid money tokens may lead to temporary account ban.