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How do I create an account?

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How to create an account on Ayocer

1. Go to the Ayocer signup page, or click here.

2. Type your name in the first input ( full name must include the first and the last name ).

3. Select your gender in the second input.

4. Select your country of residence in the third input. 

In the login credentials section

5. Type the email you will be using to login into your account ( email will be verified. So ensure the email is valid ).

6. Enter your password. To protect your account you should enter a secure password which must be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. ( Your password must be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess ). You can click on the eye icon to reveal the password as you type.

7. Check the "I agree to the terms box" and Click "Create Account".

If you have filled in the details correctly the account should be created at once. However, if there are any errors spotted your attention will be called to it. Please fix that and click "Create Account" again.

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