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Introduction to Ayocer fundraiser

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Create fundraiser campaigns and raise funds for a cause, project or event.

There are points in our lives when we need all the financial support we can get to bring our ideas to life, fix a certain problem, complete a project, or make sure an event is a success. 

Truly, there are lots of crowdfunding platforms out there today, however, it can quickly become a nightmare trying to raise funds on these platforms because most only support a handful list of countries and some even require some type of payment before a campaign can be launched on the platform. Most of these crowdfunding platforms can be so discouraging, in fact, Ayocer itself could not raise funds on any of these platforms and the founders dream for a platform that many users enjoy today nearly got shattered. 

Ayocer is not just a platform to get social and build a virtual life and lifestyle, its a platform designed to help users improve their real-life in all ways possible, and that is why we have built a crowdfunding system that is open to anyone anywhere in the world.  

To crowdfund on Ayocer you simply all you have to do is create a fundraiser account and then begin creating crowdfunding campaigns on that fundraiser. 

Creating a fundraiser can be done in a few easy steps.

Creating a fundraiser

Once you are logged in to your Ayocer account, click on the vertical ellipsis icon at the top-left side on your desktop or the burger icon at the top-right side on your mobile phone to reveal the menu. From the menu click on Fundraiser. This should reveal a tab showing two primary buttons "Browse", "New Fundraiser". Click the "New Fundraiser" button and this will direct you to the fundraiser setup wizard.

Once your fundraiser has been created, you can access it by going to the menu again, click on "Fundraiser" and a list of your currently created fundraisers will be listed here. Notice: In some cases, you may not find the fundraiser you are looking for from the menu, this can often be the case when your session has not been properly registered (fix by refreshing page) or you have more than fifty (50) fundraisers created on the platform already. In all cases, you can go to the fundraiser landing page to see all your created fundraisers and also see other campaigns created on the platform. Click Browse from the menu and this will take you to fundraisers landing page. From the fundraiser landing page click on Fundraisers to reveal the list of all the fundraisers you have created on the platform, and you can visit and manage them individually from here.

Note: When you have more than initially listed fundraisers, your other fundraisers will be shown as you scroll down the page.

Creating fundraiser campaigns

From a fundraiser page, you can click on the first button available at the right-hand side corner immediately beneath the fundraiser cover photo to create crowdfunding campaigns on that fundraiser. 

Fundraiser limits and restrictions

Account Type Max. Fundraisers Max. monthly campaigns per fundraiser Max. budget per campaign
Apex 50 50 50,000,000
Premium 15 16 50,000
Starter 3 8 1,000
Free 1 2 200