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How to make money on AYOCER as an Affiliate

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Ayocer is a social network with a earning mechanism integrated into a wallet system that enables users to make money on the platform as affiliates

Typical social networks allows you to connect with friends, meet new people, share and discover things that matters to you, and yes, of course, watch funny cat videos! But we, on the other hand, believe social networks should also have at its core, a mechanism that enables users make money while using the platform. Ayocer is created primarily to add this missing bit. 

Ayocer is a freemium social network designed to help you socialize and engineered to make you money.

We are not just another social network, but a platform engineered to make a positive impact in the lives of users worldwide, especially in terms of finance. 

Ayocer has a four level affiliate system that enables users to make up to $40 monthly from their direct referrals and even more from indirect referrals. This documentation is aimed at helping you understand how this works exactly.

Ayocer wallet introduction

What is Ayocer wallet?

Ayocer is a freemium social network. Meaning some features on Ayocer will have limited functionality until a user subscribes to one of our premium packages. The premium package comes in the form of a monthly wallet activation.

While the concept of earning is integrated into the wallet system, wallet, however, still function and operates as a standalone tool on the platform. Wallet in addition to the earning concept tied to it, also enables users to make, hold, and transfer money on and sometimes through the platform.

In order to give users the opportunity to earn on the platform, one of the primary ways we go by, is to develop high end products that usually costs hundreds of dollars on other platforms to access or use, and simply subject it to a wallet package. This force users in need of those products to activate their wallet and consequently helps the referring users to earn a percentage based commission.

As we intensify effort in ensuring that our users have an easy way to earn, we try to do so without sacrificing our core value as a social media platform. We strive to ensure that most of the features and functionalities a user would expect to have on a social network are not affected by our earning concept and infrastructure. This, in turn, allows users who may not be interested in the earning aspect of our platform, to still get and enjoy the social part uninterrupted.

Ayocer is termed as the social earners platform, and while some users may focus more on the earning aspect of the platform as an affiliate, some other users may focus on the social part, but a really smart user would stick to both, and that's literally way more fun and easier than you would think.

Ayocer is a platform where you can mix social and earning together. It's seamless and fun experience. 

Wallet packages

We have a SPA ( starter, premium, and apex ) wallet packages. As mentioned earlier in this article, some features and functionalities on Ayocer may only work when subscribed to a particular wallet package, so a user may be required to subscribe to the relevant wallet package to access or use such functionalities. 

Subscription and package cost

Wallet is given and assigned freely to every user who has signed up for an account on Ayocer. However, while assigning wallet is free, a user still needs to be subscribed to a wallet package in order to use some features of the site. For example, Ayocer has a Connect functionality that allows users connect, post or schedule posts to other social networks. Typically, a user would only be able to connect one account and cannot post more than five (5) times in a month, until they subscribe to any of our premium packages which allows them to add more platform accounts and send more posts monthly.

Subscription to a wallet plan expires after 30 days and the user may then choose to renew their subscription or subscribe to another, probably, greater wallet package to unlock even more features of the site and increase their earning opportunities.

Wallet plans

  • Starter    (USD $10)
  • Premium (USD $50)
  • Apex       (USD $100)

Every time a user subscribes to a wallet plan, Ayocer doesn't hold the fund but rather distribute 70% of the activation credit to the user referrer uplines up to the fourth level up. Considering that Ayocer does a great job in building your referral automatically, this is really a great deal!

Must I activate wallet?

As you are already aware that becoming a premium subscriber (aka: activating your wallet) enables you to earn money as an affiliate from the platform (when you have referred others to the site) and it also unlocks some more features and functionalities of the site. However, it is important to understand that you are not obligated to subscribe to any wallet package if you don't want to.

Having said that, it is also important to remind you that when you activate your wallet it enables you to make up to USD $40 monthly when your direct referral becomes a premium subscriber or renews their premium subscription monthly. And as we believe, there's no such thing as too much money!

A quick introduction to the referral system

Ayocer supports a four levels referral system. You may see these levels of referrals represented as L1, L2, L3, L4 in your wallet dashboard. For example, you would see something like L1 - 40% like in the screenshot below

Ayocer wallet dashboard

Although the image above is pretty self-explanatory. But let's try to explain anyway. L, as represented in the wallet, means Level the number following it L1, for instance, means Level 1 People in your wallet L1 represents people that you have directly referred to the site. And L2 denotes people that have been referred by someone or people in your level 1 continues like that till L4. Typically you only need to concern yourself with L1 as that is the place you can impact. L2, L3, and L4 grow naturally.

You would notice that there's a percentage following the number on each level. L1 - 40%, L2 - 15%, L3 - 10%, L4 - 5%. The percentages mean that for this particular level you'll get that percentage of the wallet activation fee from anybody in that line - capped by your active wallet plan. 

Explaining it further, let's use L1 as an example. If anyone in your Level 1 referral line activates his/her wallet, you get 40% of the wallet activation fee. Meaning if a user from L1 subscribes to Apex wallet you get $40 on that wallet activation charge. I'm guessing you're already calculating how much that would amount to if you have hundreds of people in you L1 subscribing to different wallet packages. And the fact that wallet needs to be (re)activated monthly, simply means you can be getting that much money on users in your L1 only. Whereas there's also L2 where you get to get 15% on every activation, L3 where you get to get 10% on every activation and L4 where you get to get 5% on every activation. 

Note however that you need to be subscribed to a wallet package in order to be able to receive any monetary value from referred persons. Also, the activation fee you receive from a referred person is capped by your active wallet plan pricing.

You have seen from the illustration above that you are supposed to get $40 from every user who activates the Apex wallet in your L1. However, this may not always be true in all cases because of our capping rules. 

To explain further, let's say you are currently subscribed to the Premium wallet plan (costing $50) and then someone from your L1 subscribes to Apex. In this case, you would expect to get $40 which is 40% of Apex activation fee, but you would only get $20. This is because referrer earnings are capped by the uplines active wallet plan pricing relative to the subscribing users' activation fee.

Let's run another scenario. Say you are currently actively subscribed to the Apex wallet plan and then someone from your L1 subscribes to a premium wallet plan. In this case, you'll get $20 which is the 40% of activation fee in L1. This is because wallet charge is relative to the subscribing users' wallet activation fee and not the upline currently activated wallet package fee.

In all case, it's good to be subscribed to a higher wallet plan because this in addition to giving you access to even more features on the site, it also enables you to earn more from people you have referred to the site.

We understand that most people are not keen on sharing referral links on the internet. And to be honest, we find it a little bit tacky too. You shouldn't have to lose your friends interest in what you post on the internet simply because you want to make money. And that's why our platform is designed to also use implicit along side with explicit tracking. This allows the system to track non-logged in users who visits your page, views your post, photos or video, or sees a comment on something you posted on the platform, as having being reffered by you should they decide to create an account on the platform within the next 30 days of visit. See how implicit tracking works magic for you!

Getting funds in your wallet

There are four primary ways to get money in your wallet.

  1. Gifting: When you have an active wallet, people can send you monetary gifts through the stuff you post on Ayocer. 
  2. Topup: You can quickly fund your wallet in just a few seconds. Once your wallet is funded, you can gift people money from their post, generate money token (money link) to be shared with anybody on the internet registered or not registered on the site. You could also directly initiate a fund transfer to anyone on Ayocer right from your wallet dashboard.
  3. Money transfer: People can transfer funds to you from their own Wallet on Ayocer.
  4. Money token: People can generate money token for up to $100 from their wallet. Once generated the user is provided with a link which can be shared with any users registered or unregistered. The money contained in the money token is credited to the user who first used the link. Users with an inactive wallet can only claim money token of a maximum of $50.
  5. Referral earning: We try to provide users with multiple ways to earn on the platform and from those multiple ways is the referral earnings. This is a system that pays you a fixed percentage of a wallet activation fee of a referred person.