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Some tips for creating a succesful fundraiser campaign

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What's more important than creating campaign is creating a successful campaigns. Here are some tips to help you.

Once a fundraiser is set up, you'll be able to create campaigns for that fundraiser to raise money for different projects, causes, or events. 

This article list some general tips for creating a successful campaign.

Craft Catchy Titles

Peoples attention are short, create titles that grab attention, and invoke user to click through. Also, campaign titles cannot be modified once the campaign has already began taken donations, so make sure the campaign title is not something you will want to change in the future.

Use pitch videos in the campaign

When creating your campaign, you'll be able to add up to five links to Youtube or Vimeo videos links to use as the pitch video for that campaign. Pitch videos are placed at the top of the campaign page and its a good practice to include at least one pitch video. Your pitch video is an opportunity to quickly introduce your project, cause, or event to a potential backer. Remember, not everyone has the time or willingness to scroll down a page or read the text. Good pitch videos will summarise the campaign story well enough that backers can understand the story and want to donate to the campaign. 

Enable campaign refund

Ayocer has a flexible campaign funds management system that allows creators to withdraw funds from an active and ongoing campaign. As a creator, this flexible model enables you to begin work on the project you are raising the funds for as soon as it begins accepting donations. However, since most users are likely to donate to a campaign if they know they can claim refund easily if the creator did not use the funds for the exact purpose it states in the campaign story. We encourage campaign creators to enable refunds on a campaign so as to instill some more confidence in a user and improve their chances of donating to the campaign.

What happens when you enable refunds  

When you enable refunds on a campaign, the platform will hold fifty (50) percent of total raised funds in reserve while the campaign is still active and pay backers who ask for a refund from the money held in reserve. You will still have total raised funds minus (-) 50% reserved funds minus (-) total withdrawn funds available to withdraw even while the campaign is still ongoing and active. Also, the money held in reserve will be automatically released and available to withdraw when the campaign has finished.

As a backer, you will be able to claim a refund if the following conditions are met:

  1. The campaign is still ongoing i.e it has not finished running 
  2. The money available in the campaign reserved balance is enough to cover all your donations to the campaign as you cannot claim a partial refund. If the money in reserve is not able to cover your donations, you'll be asked to check back later. For example, assuming you are the first backer of a campaign and you donated USD $100, now the campaign has $50 in reserve. If you try to claim a refund at this point, you won't be able to because the $50 in reserve cannot cover your $100 donation. You will be able to claim a refund once the campaign has raised more funds from other backers and the campaign now has enough funds in reserve to cover your donations. 

Note: Even when a campaign has enabled refund, ayocer or the campaign creator cannot guarantee you will actually get a refund, and upon donating to a campaign you legally consent to this.

Donations are via wallet only 

We only support funding from wallet credit. This means backers can't donate directly via credit card or other means of payment. It also means that backers have to have an account with the platform and have enough funds in their wallet to donate. 

We do our best to ensure that your fundraiser campaign is a success. As part of our effort, whenever non logged in user visits your campaign, we guide them to log in or sign up on the site and then redirect them back to the campaign even if they eventually log in or sign up 3 days after visiting the original visit to the campaign. We do the same thing when the logged-in user does not have enough funds in their wallet, we guide them to fund their wallet and then redirect them back to the campaign so they can donate. 

Notice: Member-only donation among other things helps us keep the platform safe from scam and also process refunds effectively. 

Reviews matter

All users of our platform will be able to give a rating on your campaign. Rating often signifies trust and faith in your campaign and is one of the prominent ranking factors we use when listing campaigns. Also, our system will automatically disable campaigns with a too low rating from raising funds on our platform. However, even when this happens, you'll still be allowed to withdraw already raised funds in most cases. 

As a creator, its a best practice to encourage users to rate your campaign even when they do not have funds to donate to the campaign.

We purposefully allow all campaigns to run on the platform without necessarily first undergoing any form of review from us, this is because we want the process from creating and launching campaigns on the platform to be as seamless and as fast as possible. However, to maintain platform integrity, we analyze user reviews on a campaign to censor or block bad or scam campaigns from circulating on the platform. We may also take other drastic actions such as suspending the creator from creating campaigns on the platform.

Share and encouraging sharing

The best way to ensure that your campaigns get the maximum exposure is by sharing and encouraging sharing. 

The platform provides a lot of ways to share on and from the platform. Encourage users to share your campaigns on their own timeline and to other social media platforms. This is a great way to ensure that you can raise enough funds through your campaign.

Campaign funding - You can raise more or less

Some crowdfunding platforms uses an all-or-nothing funding model, but this is not the case with us. On Ayocer, you can raise more or less funds than you bid for. You have the total right to the funds you raise on our platform, regardless of whether you raise more or less than your budget. 

It's important to note that, a campaign will no longer be able to accept donations when the campaign has finished running. If you still wish to raise funds for the same cause or event, you can create a continued campaign and include the link to the continued campaign in the old campaign story. If the initial campaign was a success, many of your backers will be happy to fund the continued project. 

Campaign charges

We charge 5% of the total raised funds. However, note that this does not cover the wallet withdrawal charge which varies depending on the gateway with wish you want to withdraw your funds from Ayocer. Typically, there's a 5% charge to withdraw from your wallet to Paypal and 7% charge to withdraw from wallet to Skrill. 

For example, when you withdraw from campaign to wallet there's a 5% charge and when you withdraw from wallet to Paypal there's an additional 5% wallet withdrawal charge. That's a total of 10% deduction from campaign funds. 

The charges are applied every time you withdraw from a campaign to your wallet.