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Introduction to Blogging on Ayocer

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Create and customize blogs and share your knowledge, interest and passion with a wilder audience around the globe.
For many years now blogging has been one of the primary ways people share their knowledge, passion, and expertise with the world. But oftentimes, creating, maintaining, building traffic to, and monetizing a blog can quickly become a nightmare for an aspiring blogger.
With Ayocer blog, you don't have to worry about the hassles involved in creating and promoting your blog or worry too much about driving traffic to your content. The whole process of creating a blog, writing, and publishing content has been simplified. Also, you don't have to worry so much about driving traffic to your content, our sophisticated algorithm ensures that your content shows up to the right readers. We've also made sure that users can easily share your content within and outside of the platform. 
Our platform is designed in such a way that ensures your blogging effort does not go unnoticed and that readers of your posts can easily express appreciation of your work by means of a star rating.

Creating a Blog

Once you are logged in to your ayocer account, click on the vertical ellipsis icon at the top-left side on your desktop or the burger icon at the top-right side on your mobile phone to reveal the menu. From the menu click on Blog. This should reveal a tab showing two primary buttons My Channel, New Blog. Click the New Blog button and this will direct you to the blog setup wizard.
Once your blog has been created, you can access it by going to the menu again, click on Blog and a list of your currently created blogs will be listed here. Notice: In some cases, you may not find the blog you are looking for from the menu, this can often be the case when your session has not been properly registered (fix by refreshing page) or you have more than fifty (50) blogs created on the platform already. In all cases, you can go to your channel, click My Channel from the blog menu. From your channel click on Blogs to reveal the list of all the blogs you have created on the platform, and you can visit and manage them individually from here. When you have more than initially listed blogs, your other blogs will be shown as you scroll down the page.
From a blog page, you can click on the first button available at the right-hand side corner immediately beneath the blog cover photo to create blog posts on that blog.
Ayocer blog has a few configurations and settings that you may want to play around with, go to your own blog click on the gear icon available at the right corner immediately under the blog cover photo. This will lead you to your blog settings page, where you can configure your blog to suit your needs and personality. Tip: We are already working on more customization options to give you complete and total control over your blog presentation and appearance.

Blog limits by package

Account Type
Maximum Blogs
Maximum Blog posts/month
Apex 50 150
Premium 15 12
Starter 3 4
Free 1 1