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Why can't I edit my blog post?

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Learn how to fix blog post can't be edited message
Only apex subscribers can edit an unlimited number of posts, if you are not subscribed to a package or actively subscribed to a package other than apex, the monthly posting limit will also be applied to when editing already created posts. 

For example, if you subscribed to the premium package in the previous month, but this month you have subscribed to the starter package. Since the starter package only allows you to create 8 blog posts per month, the system checks if the post you're trying to edit falls within the last 8 created posts for the given blog, if not you'll get an error that you cannot manage/edit the post. 

How to fix this problem

To fix the problem you first have to understand the limits that apply to the individual blogs you have created on Ayocer. Free users can edit only the 2 most recently created post, starters can edit only the 8 most recently created post, premium users can edit only the 24 most recently created post, while apex users can edit unlimited post regardless of when it was created.

You will always get a message saying you can't edit a post when the post is not in the list of recently created posts allowed for the package you're actively subscribed to.

Since apex users can manage/edit any post regardless of when it was created across all your blogs. It is often the most practical recommendation to get rid of the edit limit that is placed on your blog posts. 

Another approach is to upgrade to a package with a monthly post limit that covers the position of the blog post you're trying to manage/edit counting from the most recently created from a given blog.