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LinkEx (CDS) is a free tool to reach more audience and boost traffic to your website

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LinkEx (CDS) is a link exchange service to help boost traffic to your website

In it's simplest form. LinkEx is a link exchange program that helps web publishers and content creators push their content in front of more potential audience and customers, consequently boosting traffic to their website and published content.

The LinkEx (CDS) Concept

LinkEx is a contextual content discovery service that helps publishers automate the process of pushing and promoting links to published content or material on the web leveraging other publishers' websites or blogs.

As a publisher, to participate in the LinkEx program, you need to do the following:

1) Add a website or blog to LinkEx

Before you can be able to do anything with the LinkEx service, you need to at least add one website to the service. Note that if the website is not accessible or available yet online or the selected URL protocol is not available with the added address, the website won't connect.

Once, you have successfully connected the website, you will need to verify ownership of the linked website. This is a required step as it helps us to mitigate spams.

Verifying website ownership is easy, all you need to do is copy the generated code into the header <head>...</head> section of the connected website HTML. 

Assuming the generated tag is <meta name='ayocer:domain' content='123456788'> here's what the HTML structure of the connected website might look like after pasting the code in the head.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta name='ayocer:domain' content='123456788'>
     <!-- other head tags goes here -->

Once you have confirmed that the code has been successfully placed in the head section of the website.  Click the verify website button and the website will validate successfully.

NOTE: If you have placed the code in the head section of a page on the connected website that is different from the website root index file, you should enter the part to the file, otherwise the website ownership verification will fail.

Once the website has been successfully verified, you can remove the generated tag from the connected website HTML.

Create a LinkEx Slot

A slot is a container where links promoted through LinkEx are featured on your website or blog. Slots are a configurable container that allows the publisher to specify the type of content that should be featured, how many can be featured at once, and how the featured content is styled or displayed.

Typically, upon connecting a website to LinkEx a default slot will be created for that website. If that is the case, you can proceed to configure the created slot as you wish. However, if no slot was automatically created for the connected website or you simply wish to create another slot, you can proceed to do so as well. The process of creating and editing a slot is the same.

LinkEx is a contextual content discovery service. What this means is that it analyzes the content of a page where a slot is placed and suggests promoted links that are relevant to the content of the given page. 

LinkEx in addition to being a contextual content discovery service also allows the publisher to specify specific focus niche for different slots. 

Let's say you run a Health & Wellness website, but you wanted to create a slot that only suggests diet and nutrition links. All you have to do is create the slot and set the Diet & Nutrition niche tag for that slot. 

You can set up to 5 niche tags per slot and links that do not have any of the given tags will not be featured in the slot. In addition, you can also blacklist links from select websites from showing in your slot. To do this, simply enter a comma-separated list of the website you wish to blacklist in the blacklist URL input of the slot configuration. Individual slots allow blacklisting up to 250 websites.

For each slot created, a code will be generated for you. Paste the generated code in any section of your website where you want LinkEx to serve promoted links and the slot will begin to serve contextual promoted links to your website visitors.

NOTE: Engagement from your slots such as unique clicks, views, etc, is one of the prominent ranking factors considered for the links you have promoted for the same website through LinkEx CDS.

Tips to get your links ranking higher in other website slots.

  • When it doesn't break your site design, ensure that your slot features more links at once as the number of links shown from slots from a certain website contributes highly to ranking links from the same website that has been promoted through LinkEx CDS.
  • Place your slot where it can get more natural engagement.

NOTICE: Slots works on a per-website basis ( i.e a slot created for website A will not work on website even when both websites were created by the same user ). With LinkEx example.com and m.example.com are two separate websites and both will require their own slots.

Promote a Link

Links are relative URIs that you create on a website already connected to LinkEx.

To promote a link through LinkEx, you have to specify a URI relative to the connected and verified website and specify up to 5 niches where the link fits in.

If your website is a low traffic website, we advise you to avoid vying for highly competitive niches. You can instead aim for more focused niche where competition is a little less stiff.

For instance, if you want to promote an article or content about Phones & Accessories you should avoid the temptation of specifying Technology as the target niche as the competition for that niche may be too tough that only websites with high traffic will stand a chance of ranking in that niche. Having said that, since you have up to five (5) niche tags to specify per link, you can always include the more general niche tags on your promoted content ones you have specified all the more focused niche tags and you still have a few niche tags left to add to your promoted content.

LinkEx will suggest relevant niche to your input as you type into the niche tag input field.  The suggested tags for your search will often include information about how many slots and links have attached the given tag. As a rule of thumb, it's always best to select niches where the number of links created on that tag is less than or equal to the number of slots available to host them.

When you create a link, the link will be instantly available to be served through LinkEx tagged slots on pages that are contextually related to the promoted link.  

Factors contributing to Link ranking

Once LinkEx has accurately determined the appropriate contextual links to serve for a given slot, the system employs a number of ranking factors to determine the links that will actually show up in a slot.

The two prominent ranking factors used by LinkEx.

  1. The number of unique views and clicks from the slot hosted on the website owning the link in question. Note: This resets every 7 days.
  2. How many times the people who see the link actually clicked and visited the address.

Note that the above-listed ranking factors are not exhaustive, there are several other undocumented ranking factors that affect link ranking.

LinkEx account imposed limitations

Depending on the type of account you run, whether Apex, Premium, or Starter there are certain limitations and restrictions imposed.

Account Type Maximum website Maximum slots per website Maximum links per website Maximum monthly views per link
Apex 15 15 30 15,000
Premium 7 7 15 5,000
Starter 3 3 7 1,500
Free 1 1 2 250

LinkEx (Beta)

LinkEx is currently in beta, this means there's still likely to be some functionality bugs caused by an oversight. In the rare case when you find bugs with LinkEx, please report to us at bug@ayocer.com.


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