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How to opt-in to and benefit from more giveaways

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Here are some tips for you to benefit from more giveaways

If you are looking to make money on the platform giveaways are one of the quick ways you can. 

Here are some tips for you to benefit from more giveaways

  1. Giveaway is opt-in based so to benefit from a giveaway you have to opt-in to the giveaway by commenting meaningfully on the giveaway post. Note: Only one comment is required to opt-in to a giveaway. Please avoid the urge to comment too many times, this does not increase your chances of getting selected as beneficiary, it can only get you temporarily suspended from using the platform.
  2. Users who engage with the giveaway creator's most recently published content on the platform have a better chance of getting selected. Note: Engagement with creators other posts on the same day a giveaway is created does not count for that giveaway.
  3. Users who engage more on the platform generally, have better chances at winning giveaways. 
  4. Most times, giveaway beneficiaries will be limited to the users who are following the giveaway creator. 
  5. Wallet status does not affect your chances of winning a giveaway.
  6. In rare cases, the position of your comment may assist in winning a giveaway.  

Please keep in mind: For purpose of transparency, everyone on the platform can see the list of users who have benefited from a giveaway even when some or all of those users have ghosted their account on the platform. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not participate in giveaways.