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Introduction to Ayocer groups

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Create or join an organized community around a particular topic with Ayocer groups

Not everyone in our lives is interested in every aspect of our lives. That is where the group comes in.

A group is an organized community around a particular topic. 

Do you love talking about sports, sharing and finding health and fitness tips, sharing food recipes, discussing spirituality, etc. Whatever your interest and passion may be, groups enable you to find and share them with like-minded people. 

The Ayocer group has advanced settings that allow you to control and ensure that only the type of people your group was created for can join. For instance, you can restrict membership by religious views, sexual orientation, age, and more. The system also uses the group current settings to identify and alert admin and moderators when someone who has already joined no longer fit to remain a member. 

Admins and moderators can filter what content should be allowed into the group and how content posted into the group is handled. 

Furthermore, because our platform is not spam-friendly, creators and administrators of groups have fewer spammers to deal with unlike on contemporary social media platforms.

Group limits by package

Account Type
Maximum Group
Apex unlimited
Premium 25
Starter 5
Free 1
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