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How to follow/unfollow on Ayocer

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Following people and things on Ayocer enables users to see the stuff they post on the platform and gives them more privilege to the followed user

The more people and things followed on Ayocer, the more lively a user newsfeed becomes and the better privilege the following user has to the followed user.

A user may be followed from the user's page on Ayocer or from the context options available on the content ( such as posts, photos, and videos ) shared by or to a user. 

Following someone on Ayocer signifies interest to see the stuff they post on the platform. Please note that following a user does not necessarily mean you'll be seeing all the stuff they share on the platform, since a user may share post only to a category of people ( followers or friends ) where you do not belong. A user may also share posts to the general public or privately. However, having said that, the better the connection between users the likely they are to see the stuff they share and post on Ayocer.

Tip: There's an option in settings that allows a user to set if they can be followed or not.

To find and follow more interesting people and things, please use the suggestion page