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How to add funds to your wallet

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There are five primary ways to get money into wallet on Ayocer. Here we'll discuss uploading funds to wallet

There are five primary ways to get money into Wallet on Ayocer.

1. Money from people Referred to Ayocer. 

2. Money sent as Gifts from posts shared on Ayocer.

3. Money transferred to user from Wallet.

4. Money redeemed from Money token.

5. Money user uploads to Wallet. 

As can be seen from the list above, there are a lot of ways to get money into a wallet. And while we believe that a user may not need to manually upload funds to their wallet because Ayocer already has in place a lot of options to ensure that funds in a user wallet can grow naturally. However, because there are a lot of ways to spend the funds in a wallet, it may become necessary for a user to upload funds to their wallet.

To upload money to your Ayocer wallet, navigate to the wallet page then click on the top-up icon to open the top-up tab.

From the top-up tab, you'll see where you can enter the amount you want to upload into your wallet. A 6% processing fee is charged on the desired top-up amount to cover transaction charges.

As you type the desired amount to top-up, you'll be shown in real time how much will be credited to the wallet after the 6% deduction. 

When you're ready to top-up wallet. Click the Top-Up button and a secure form will be displayed. Provide your card details here to be billed for the top-up amount.  Once the card has been successfully billed, the wallet is credited instantly. 

If wallet balance does not reflect the top-up credit immediately, please reload the page.