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Connect Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and Linkedin to Ayocer

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Connect other platform accounts and manage from your ayocer account

You can connect other platform accounts to Ayocer and manage it from your Ayocer account. 

You'll be able to post and schedule posts to connected platforms. 

You can connect multiple accounts from a single platform. For example, you can connect 5 Twitter accounts, 3 Reddits, 11 Linkedin accounts, and 1 Pinterest account to the platform once. You'll be able to distinguish connected platform accounts by name and their unique ID on the connected platforms. 

You can choose whether to allow people who follow you on Ayocer to also follow you on connected platform accounts. To allow this, you'll have to mark one account from a particular platform as the primary account. For instance, if you have connected 5 Twitter accounts, you can only have one primary account from the connected Twitter accounts. 

We find the Twitter account of the follower that is marked as primary and make it to follow the Twitter account of the person followed that is marked also as primary. If either of these users does not have a primary Twitter account, the auto-follow process is aborted. 

Whenever you mark any of your accounts as the primary account, you are authorizing Ayocer to make people follow you automatically on that account when you are followed on Ayocer, and also make you follow the account of anybody you're following on Ayocer on a mutual platform. 

Connect limit and restrictions

Account Type Max. accounts Max. monthly posts Max. monthly auto-follow
Apex 50 90 5,000
Premium 20 40 750
Starter 5 15 150
Free 1 5 10

Auto-follow is not enabled by default, to enable you will have to click on the platform icon from the platform card from the connected platforms listing from the connect page. 

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