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Get auto-followed on Twitter and Pinterest when followed on Ayocer

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People who follow you on Ayocer the #1 social earners platform will also automatically follow you on Twitter and Pinterest. Learn How

To live up to our title as the #1 social earners platform, we have developed and will continue to develop even more tools and services to help users make money on Ayocer and also to improve their social lifestyle.

We understand that it can be such a tough task to grow your audience base on every social network where you have a presence. This is why we have developed our social connect tool enabling users' to get automatically followed on connected social accounts when followed on Ayocer.

We currently only support Twitter and Pinterest. Although we plan to support even more social networks soon.

With our social connect feature, users only now need to ask people to follow on Ayocer as people who follow them on Ayocer will also automatically follow them on all connected social accounts if they have also connected the same platform(s) to Ayocer.

The process to getting auto-followed on social platforms

In order to enable users who follow you on Ayocer to also automatically follow you on Twitter and Pinterest, you need to link your Twitter and Pinterest account to Ayocer from the "social" or "connect" page. You can find the link to get to this page from the navigation menu available on all pages when logged in.

Connecting a social account to Ayocer typically takes less than 5 seconds. 

When you click on the connect button you will be redirected to the target network where you'll be asked to grant Ayocer some permissions to use your account. It is safe to grant us these permissions as we will never do anything on your account without seeking first your consent to do so. Also you can easily delete this information and revoke Ayocer access to your social account later with the click of a button from the connect page on Ayocer.

Once you have successfully connected a social account to Ayocer, when people follow you on Ayocer they'll also automatically follow you on the connected social platform.

Please understand that in order for a user to automatically follow you on Twitter and Pinterest when they follow on Ayocer, the following user should have also connected the same social platform as you to Ayocer. This also means that if you have connected a social platform to Ayocer, when you follow someone on Ayocer and the followed user has also connected the same social platform to Ayocer, you'll also automatically follow the user on the connected social platform. 

Note that Unfollowing someone on Ayocer does not unfollow them on connected social platforms, even if you have been made to follow them automatically because you followed them on Ayocer. To unfollow a user on a third-party platform you'll have to log in to the platform and find and unfollow the user from there. 

We would never share or publish anything to your account without your awareness and express consent.

When you log out a connected social platform from Ayocer, all the access tokens we have for your account on that platform is completely erased.