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Is It Normal To Have Cravings After Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns for you and your baby. Check out the Do’s and don&;ts for a safer pregnancy.
What To Do... continue reading Is It Normal To Have Cravings After Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns for you and your baby. Check out the Do’s and don&;ts for a safer pregnancy.
What To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant – Pregnancy can be very impressive for some mothers. Some women in the United States of America say that it is one of the most magical times in their life. However, pregnancy can be easy. 

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Can The Hibiscus Tea Affect My Pregnancy?

Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns for you and your baby. Check out the Do’s and don&;ts for a safer pregnancy.
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Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns for you and your baby. Check out the Do’s and don&;ts for a safer pregnancy.
What To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant – Pregnancy can be very impressive for some mothers. Some women in the United States of America say that it is one of the most magical times in their life. However, pregnancy can be easy. 

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What Does Pregnancy Nausea Feel Like?

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Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns for you and your baby. Check out the Do’s and don&;ts for a safer pregnancy.
What To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant – Pregnancy can be very impressive for some mothers. Some women in the United States of America say that it is one of the most magical times in their life. However, pregnancy can be easy. 

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Is It Safe To Eat Cake During Pregnancy?

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Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Every stage of pregnancy brings different issues and concerns for you and your baby. Check out the Do’s and don&;ts for a safer pregnancy.
What To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant – Pregnancy can be very impressive for some mothers. Some women in the United States of America say that it is one of the most magical times in their life. However, pregnancy can be easy. 

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Good day family and friends. Please permit me to share this thought provoking true life story with you...ensure to read to the end ....your life will never remain the same again...

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 1
“MY FATHER’S... continue reading Good day family and friends. Please permit me to share this thought provoking true life story with you...ensure to read to the end ....your life will never remain the same again...

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 1

They were three. Kikiolaoluwa, Idiopemipo and
Oluwasomidoba were the three kids of Baba Jenriayegbe. The
Trio were simply called Ola, Ope and Oba.
Kikiolaoluwa( Ola) means “I have God’s Wealth in abundance ”
Idiopemipo ( Ope) means “I have a lot of Reasons to Praise
Oluwasomidoba ( Oba) “God has made me a King”
The trio were the children of Baba Jenriayegbe, who was a
poverty stricken fellow. The trio didn’t enjoy any luxury while
growing up, coupled with the fact that their mother had died in
their early years.
Fate decided to show how cruel life could be on one side of
the world when the only person who gave them hope died.
Their father died when Ola and Ope were 16 years old, while
Oba was 18. Ola and Ope were twin girls, while Oba was the
eldest. Their Non Yoruba speaking friends preferred to call
them using the English interpretation of their name. Ola was
called WEALTH, Ope was called PRAISE, while Oba was called
The trio’s father didn’t leave a pin for the trio and the few
things that they had in their little room was sold to give him a
decent burial in the family compound.
However, if Baba Jenriayegbe failed in everything, He didn’t
fail in raising his children in the way and in the fear of God.
By the age of 15, the twin girls had finished the New
Testament of the Bible Twice, while Oba the eldest and only
boy had read it 4 times by the age of 18.
Therefore, after Baba Jenriayegbe’s death, the trio found
solace in God and in a very short time, Help and Favour had
sought them. This was how it went...
Immediately their father Died and had been buried, Oba ( King)
called his sisters to a family meeting...
“ Wealth and Praise , I know we are still mourning father’s
death, but it’s high time we moved on. Even though we don’t
have an earthly father anymore, we still have our Heavenly
Father who can take us places. I see this as a way for us to
throw all our eggs in God’s basket. As it is, we have no one
but we have God. You know the Scripture that says “Arise,
shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises
upon you.”. That Arise means we need to Get up before our
shining can take place...We need to Get up and take charge of
our lives... So first things first... We need to go on a three days
fasting and prayer program for God to reveal His mind to us,
and to hand over our lives to God for Him to be our father at
this point...
“ 3 days fasting after losing our father?” Ope ( Praise)had said
looking very surprised
“ Same question running through my mind” Ola (Wealth) said
“ This is what we must do and I can assure you, it will yield
great results”
The twin girls were definitely not buying into Oba’s idea.
Fasting and prayer was not close to what was on their minds,
they had just lost their beloved father and starving themselves
for 3 days was going to cause further depression into their
“ How does going into spiritual exercise after losing someone
make sense?” Ola ( Wealth) Wondered silently...
To be continued ...
[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 3

Oba, Ope and Ola went with Miss Johnson to her house and
they had the best meal of their lives. They were served Hot
custard with Fresh Fish pepper soup.
“Of a truth, God is a good God” Ola thought silently. As she
continued with her meal she took the time to look around the
house, this was her dream,to be a wealthy woman, she knew
someday she would be as rich as this woman. She looked
around trying to get more details about the woman, there was
no family portrait, it was her picture that filled the whole
house. Ola kept turning around to see if she could see another
“ Looking for something?” Miss Johnson said from where she
“ Not really ma, I was just admiring your pictures...” Ola said
half of the truth...
“ And?” Miss Johnson asked
“ Why don’t you have the pictures of the other members of
your family here ma?” Ope blurted out. Ope was a person of
few words, but times when she decided to talk, it was straight
to the point...
Oba and Ola looked at Ope strangely, with the expression that
said, what she just said was uncalled for...
“ Oh that!, I am not married, or better still I have never been
married, I have a disorder that can not make me get pregnant,
it is called PCOS meaning Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
it is a hormonal disorder, it causes infrequent or prolonged
menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels.
The ovaries develop numerous small collections of fluid and
fail to regularly release eggs, thereby making me Infertile....So
I decided to remain single than face the trauma of getting
married and waiting endlessly for a child..” Miss Johnson said
with a smile and continued with the book she was reading.
The trio could not eat anymore as the words they just heard
hit them really hard...
“ How Ironic life was! This woman had enough money to cater
for 10 kids in this house but unfortunately she has none,
meanwhile their own father had 3 kids and could not feed
even 1” Oba wondered silently
“ What’s happening?” Miss Johnson asked.. “Don’t tell me you
are feeling bad, come off it, God has been good to me and I
am glad .. Not having kids is not the end of the world. I have
channeled my energy to helping motherless children. They
need me and I need them. I pay the school fees of 10
university students, 25 secondary school students and 54
Nursery and Primary school students. Isn’t that much more
than I can ever ask from God... Besides, God has decided to
add 3 more to my list. He brought you to me..., So eat up and
let’s discuss.” Miss Johnson said and continued with her
Oba was dazed at the level of faith the woman had. He had
only read this level of faith from the Bible.
“This PCOS she was referring to must be like the disease the
woman with the issue of blood in the Bible had... Excessive
Menstruation or no menstruation at all....Hmmm, but God can
heal her!” Oba thought silently
“This woman must be a true warrior”Ola thought silently
Ope on the other hand suddenly felt compassion and had
tears in her eyes.
After their meal, Miss Johnson sat with them in the living
room asking them about what their individual visions were...
“ I want to go into politics, I believe that someday I will be the
governor of my state...” Oba said
“ I want to work with my hands and make money... I love to do
business” Ola said
“ I love singing, I love arts generally, I love to write, sing, play
instruments, Draw, make movies and all that... My vision is to
be on the big screen!” Ope said with high enthusiasm.
Whenever Ope spoke about Art, her face would always light
“ Very good dreams I must say, but you know you need
education and training to achieve this?”
“ Yes ma, and that has been our limitation” Oba said...
“ What if I am willing to help, would you accept my offer of
The trio looked at each other surprisingly, amazed at the level
of humility the woman had. They were also shocked at how
God was set to help them in such a short time...
Miss Johnson fulfilled her promise and got them into private
universities after they had written all the necessary
examinations. This was two years after they had met her.
Within those two years, they had learnt different vocations.
Miss Johnson insisted they each learn a craft. Oba became an
apprentice at a Mechanic Workshop, Ola started working at
Miss Johnson’s store as the supervisor, while Ope went to a
Music school .
After two years of living with Miss Johnson, they each got
admitted into the university to study the course of their
choice. Oba went ahead to study Political Science,While Ola
went ahead to study Business Administration and Ope went
for Mass communication.
Trouble however reared up it’s ugly head when Miss Johnson’s
case became critical and She was diagnosed of Cancer of the
Uterine lining.
The trio realized their hopes were about to be dashed, as they
had just gotten into their second year in the university, and
Miss Johnson was the only one they had....
To be continued
[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 2

Oba ( King) as His name suggests had a way of making people
do his bidding. He cajoled his sisters into the fasting and
praying program.
Ola(Wealth) and Ope (Praise) joined Oba in the fast and it was
a humbling time for them. They wept before the Lord and
prayed with all their heart.
They were so broke that they didn’t have money to buy food to
break their fast on the third day.
Ola ( Wealth) who was the business minded one, decided to
go look for a means of making money. As weak as she was,
she walked straight to one of the beautiful houses in their
environment. She knocked at the gate and surprisingly to her,
it was the Madam of the house that answered...
“ Good Afternoon ma!” Ola had said
“ Yes, Good Afternoon !” Miss Johnson said with a puzzled
look for lack of recognition
“ Ma, my name is Kikiolaoluwa and I live down the street, I am
not here to beg you for money, but I need money for my
siblings and I to eat, so please ma, is it possible for me to
wash any dirty clothes you have, to earn a little cash...” Ola
had said pleadingly
“ Wow!,... unfortunately I use a washing machine that takes
care of my laundry''
“ What about sweeping the compound, I can see your
compound needs some sweeping” Ola said with desperation
in her voice as she was simultaneously stretching her neck in
other to have a good look at the compound..
“ Hold on young lady, is this about you getting money to eat, if
it is about that, I can give you some money.”
“ Aww, That is so nice of you ma, but I would love a
permanent work, something that will fetch me regular money.
My siblings and I just lost our father and my brother asked us
to wait on God for three days for God’s guidance, Today is the
3rd day and we don’t have anything to break our fast... That’s
why I took it upon myself to do a menial job to get
if you give me money right now, it might not be enough to
sustain us for days..” Ola said
“ Are you saying, you and your siblings have not eaten for
three days, because you were fasting and now you have
nothing to break your fast ?” Miss Johnson asked
“ Yes!”
“ Wow!...where do you live?” Miss Johnson asked
Ola pointed towards her house and Miss Johnson told her to
take her to their place. She wanted to know the authenticity of
Ola’s claims. As Miss Johnson walked behind Ola, Ola knew
Oba( King) was not going to be happy with the development.
Oba didn’t like asking people for Favours. Ola had always told
him, he was proud, but Oba would say “It is Self respect, I
know my worth, I may not be where I ought to be, but I must
not sell myself cheap because of where I am today!”
“ at my place” Miss Johnson was saying but Ola only
heard her last words about eating at her place...
“ I am sorry, I didn’t get you ma...I was lost in thought
“ Oh!, I was saying that if I can verify your claim, then you and
siblings will follow me to my place to have a decent meal...”
“ Oh!, thank you ma’am, that’s really thoughtful of you ma’am.
May God bless the work of your hands and may your children
find help wherever they find themselves...”Ola said beaming
with smiles
“ Amen..” Miss Johnson said returning Ola’s smile
At that point they were already in front of the Trio’s room. It
was a very small dark room with the only source of light
finding it’s way into the room from a miniature window. The
rooms had no furniture except for a wooden shelf of books
belonging to Oba. They had sold everything sellable, but Oba
being an avid reader could not do away with his wooden shelf
that housed his books. They also had two mats on the floor;
the twin girls slept on one while Oba slept on the other mat.
There were sacks neatly placed in a corner. The trio had
neatly arranged their clothes in there...
Oba was lying on the floor reading a motivational book about
leadership, but Ope had a small mp3 music player in her
hands with her earpiece tucked in her ears... Oba sighted the
visitor first and on seeing her, he jumped to his feet wondering
what his sister had done...
Miss Johnson looked around and could not believe people
could still live in houses like this, Eben, Her security man who
she had sent on an errand earlier that morning was not even
living in a room as terrible as what the trio was living in..
“ Hello...” Miss Johnson said
“ Good Afternoon ma” Oba and Ope said looking at Ola for
answers as to why they had a visitor in their room...
“ Emmm... Madam lives down the street... I went to her place
to see I can get a menial job in other to fix food for us, but
she asked to know my house to be sure of how genuine I am “
Ola said...
“ Ok .. Ma.., she is very genuine.. She is our sister ...”Oba said
taking full responsibility as always
“ Oh!, You are a twin!” Miss Johnson said when she noticed
Ola and Ope were identical.
“ Yes ma”
“ Wow!, I have always prayed to have twin girls, I totally adore
twins... It is well, Your sister has told me about your recent
loss and I am very sorry for your loss, But whatever I am able
to do, I will do for you, especially for the fact that you know
the Lord. What challenged me about her, was the fact that she
said you all took it upon yourself to wait upon the Lord after
losing your father..., that is a bold step I must say. For that
reason, I won’t hesitate to show God’s Kindness to you..” Miss
Johnson said...
“ Ok ma, thank you ma’am!”
“ So what do you say?” Miss Johnson asked
“Was this woman asking if she could help them?” Oba
wondered silently...
“ Yes ma!, we will be glad to accept your God centered
kindness towards us...” Oba said stressing and Emphasizing
the “ God-Centered”. His intention was to let the woman know
that though they were poor, they were not willing to
compromise by doing anything that doesn’t glorify God...
“ Ok, let’s start with you breaking your fast at my place. I will
have my maid make something for you!” Miss Johnson said
with a smile.
Ola was the first to return the smile, followed by Oba, but Ope
was the meticulous one. She was always very careful about
trusting people. She was the deep one among the trio, she
spoke few words but had deeper insight than the other two...
“ Can’t she give us the money and we sort ourselves out?” Ope
whispered in Oba’s right ear...
Oba gave her a reassuring look, that they would be fine...
Oba, Ope and Ola went with Miss Johnson to her house and
To be continued
[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 4

It felt like a red carpet had been pulled from under the trio’s
legs. They had been living a good life, eating good food,
dressing well, having someone they could call “Mother”, But
all of a sudden their Angel in human form was under serious
health attack.
Oba took it upon himself to sensitize his sisters on the need to
pray. They started their 3 days fasting and Prayer in school
praying for God to heal Miss Johnson by His Healing power...
The trio took the program very seriously, but on the third day,
they heard a bad news. Miss Johnson’s PA had called Oba
that Miss Johnson wasn’t getting any better and needed to be
flown outside the country for better health treatment. The P.A
told Oba, Miss Johnson asked to see him.
Oba and his siblings travelled down to see their Angel in
human form..
Oh my!, Miss Johnson looked like a shadow of herself, she
looked so frail... Ope couldn’t control her tears as she kept
wailing... Ola and Oba were also tearing up...
“ Why should bad things happen to good people?” Ope kept
saying very loudly amidst tears..
Miss Johnson didn’t have the strength to say much, all she
said was...
“ I am traveling to get better treatment and I hope to come
back soon by the Grace of God, but If I don’t, I want you to
take care of yourselves... As part of fulfilling my promise, I
have made provision for your one year school fees. Hopefully,
I will return before the end of the session God willing...” Miss
Johnson said as her P.A handed over a brown envelope to
The trio knew this was an indirect Goodbye to Miss Johnson,
they knew she was settling them. Looking at Miss Johnson on
that bed, the trio knew it would only take God’s Grace for her
to survive that phase...
Ope hung on to her crying..., Ola did same but Oba faced the
wall in tears...
“ God, please for the sake of the good this woman has done,
please save her life...”
“ Jesus did a lot of good things, but when it was time for him
to leave his disciples for a while, that they may grow... I took
him away...” Oba heard those words very clearly in his heart.
He froze on the spot. He had never heard God, he had always
followed his conscience in doing the right things, but for the
first time, He heard God speak to him...
“ Did God know about this sickness, Was God permitting Miss
Johnson’s exit from their lives?”
Oba Couldn’t Help his tears... He started wailing, even more
than his sisters..Miss Johnson and her P.A also joined in.
He knew this was time for him and his sisters to brace up. God
had given them temporary relief from their pains, but now was
the time to grow and take charge of their lives. Miss Johnson
was a “ Stop & Rest Inn” on their road-trip.
The trio left Miss Johnson after about an hour because other
beneficiaries were waiting at the reception to see her. The Trio
understood that Miss Johnson wanted to settle all her
beneficiaries before she embarked on her trip as she may not
From what the trio gathered, Miss Johnson had sold some of
her properties as the treatment of the cancer had gulped her
“ No matter how much money one makes in this life, when you
are about to die, you won’t take it along with you..” Ola said
out loud as she was the one who always thought about money
as the ultimate thing to have in life...
“ I will always remember that in my quest for money!” Ola
said, still the only one talking as the trio walked towards the
“ No wonder Bible states that Vanity upon Vanity..” Oba said...
Ope was the most shattered amongst the trio. All she could
think about was her vision about the media. How was she
going to fulfil her dreams???
“Why is God so unfair to us, Why????” Ope screamed out in the
middle of the road as she broke down crying...
She wanted to die, She wanted life to just end?
“Where were they going from here?What if Miss Johnson did
not survive this sickness, how were they going to complete
their education? She had only given them school fees for a
year, what about the remaining two years...?
To be continued
[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 5

The trio returned to school with heavy hearts. Ope kept casting
glances at the bag Oba was carrying on their way back in the
rickety interstate bus they had boarded. She was wondering
how much Miss Johnson had given them, but her mouth felt
too heavy to ask any question.
None of the trio could sleep in their different hostels.
Early the next morning, Oba called the twin girls to meet him
at the General Lecture Theatre.
“ I have counted the money and it’s N500,000, which will pay
our school fees for a year, with 50,000 extra for our upkeep,
but my question is after this , where are we going to get the
next...?” Oba asked
The sound of the birds Chirping around the theatre hall
became amplified because for almost five minutes, the twin
girls had no reply for their brother’s question...
“ God who has started it will complete it...” Ola eventually said
“ Hmm.. I know that and I have strong faith in God too, but I
love to work on the realities we can see. God has been good
to us no doubt but I want us to think wisely on what to do!”
“ You have something in your mind already, Let’s hear it” Ope
said knowing her brother’s approach in handling issues.
“ Well, I was thinking that we could speak to the management
of the school, explain to them our predicament and ask for
permission to defer our admissions for two years. In the
meantime, we will use the two years to invest this money
wisely and make profit that will see us through school”. Oba
Ola and Ope exchanged looks...
“ Like stop school and return after two years?... Oba, do you
know how old we will be by them?” Ope blurted out...
“ Yes.. Oba we are girls, it is easy for boys to study even when
they are 50 years old, but we ladies have a plan for our lives...
Although your idea is great and I would love to buy into it but
will coming back to school be easy for us?”
Oba wasn’t sure of the answer too as he kept mute...
“ Let’s do it this way, I will drop out for you both. Give me my
own share of the money. I will go do business with it...” Ola
Ola was the compassionate of the trio, she was always willing
to go out of her way for the trio...
“ No, it’s either none or all... We either all defer our admission
or not...” Oba said...
Ope had been quiet all the while as dropping out of school was
not an option for her. She was the most ambitious of the
trio...She put her hands over her ears as she wasn’t willing to
listen to the other two’s ranting...
Without saying a word to either of them, she collected the
money from Oba , counted out her own part of the fees and
returned the rest to Oba.
She stood up and walked away from them...
Oba and Ola knew Ope too well, She had just told them, all
the talk about dropping out of school was not for her.
Ope went straight to the Account department and paid her
fees without thinking about how she was going to feed or pay
for the rest of her years in school...
Oba and Ola didn’t know what to do next?
“Should we act like Ope or do what is realistic???” Oba asked
Ola who also didn’t have the right answers...
Tears flowed down from Ola’s eyes as she silently whispered...
“ If only Miss Johnson was fine....!”
To be continued
[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PARt 6

Ola and Oba decided to drop out of school.
“ You mean, you want to defer for two years?” The Registrar had asked Oba 
and Ola.
“ Yes sir, please sir, that’s the only way out.” Oba had said
“ Why don’t you hang on, a miracle may happen when you get to your third 
year. Destiny has a way of sorting itself out, whatever will be will be...” said 
the unbelieving Registrar. The Registrar was an atheist, so hearing him talk 
about having faith was quite surprising for the two.
“ You are right sir, but we would love to do our own bit of helping ourselves 
while we rely on God to do the part we can not do by ourselves...” Oba said
“ Very well then, we will defer your admission.!” He said as the mention of 
God was upsetting for him
The approval was given to both Oba and Ola to defer their admissions.
However, the student body got to hear about the development and there was 
a sudden crusade amongst students...
“ Not Ola, No ... Not Ola, Ola cannot drop out of school!”
Ola was the friendly one amongst the trio, she was well known among the 
student body. Everywhere she went, she was always Favoured...
A money campaign started ....... Students started 
contributing their allowances, Others started calling their parents to send in24
money to help their friend whose benefactor was ill and couldn’t sponsor her 
education anymore... The love the student body poured towards Ola was 
overwhelming. Oba and Ope did not receive such love except a few of their 
concerned friends...
The students were able to gather another N500,000 for Ola which was to 
cover her fees for the three years she had left to spend.
Ola shocked everyone by what she did...
Ola had called a meeting of the entire student body and said these words...
“ The love that has been shown to me so far has been beyond my wildest 
dream. I never thought God Could raise this kind of help for me through your 
hands. I am sincerely grateful and you all will forever be in my prayers ... 
Thank you...
I am sure you all know, that we are three siblings in this school. My twin 
sister and my brother. Our benefactor gave us N500,000 and of which my 
sister has paid N150,000 as her fee. We are left with N350,000. By privilege 
and God’s goodness, you all have been able to raise N500,000 to settle my 
own education, but that leaves my brother and sister halfway. Ope needs 
N300,000 to complete hers, While If Oba uses the N350,000 with him for 
his own fee, he will need N100,000 to settle up as well...
Which means my siblings need additional N400,000 to complete their 
education. These figures I have listed don’t have our feeding and allowance 
fee in it. We will still need money for assignments, textbooks and other 
With all these in mind, I came up with an idea which I would love you all to 
I am the industrious one amongst my siblings, I always get whatever I want, 
it therefore, makes sense for me to sacrifice my education for few years in 
other to double this money you all have given me, so I don’t become a burden 
to you in future..”
The hall was as silent as a deserted graveyard...
“ In essence, I will crave your indulgence to please transfer this goodwill of 
yours to my brother, while I take the N350,000 with my brother to go start a 
business and I assure you all, by the time I get back in two years from now, 
you won’t be disappointed”...
Everyone was silent...
Ope was tearing up. Oba had his mouth wide open in shock. His sister had 
not discussed this with anyone, not even him. She had just told him that she 
wanted to appreciate the student body...
Ola was a girl with a large heart...
Ope was tearing up because she saw who she was not. Her sister had a heart 
of Gold. She was ready to sacrifice her education for her and Oba.
Everywhere was quiet as it felt like people were trying to soak in the 
information, but from somewhere in the middle of the Hall, a young man 
stood up on his feet and started clapping for Ola... Others joined in and from 
different corners, the students stood up till the whole body of students were 
on their feet applauding Ola for her bravery and selflessness...
Ola heaved a sigh of relief, she was happy the students didn’t see her as an 
Ingrate. She knew her plan was going to work... In two years, she knew she 
would have doubled the money in her hands and even made more...
She received a lot of hugs afterwards but one was special. The first boy who 
had stood up to clap for her had given her a big and long hug...
“ I wished we had more selfless people like you in the world, the world would 
be a better place... I respect you!.” He had whispered to her when he gave her 
“ Thanks” Ola had said courteously
“ I will see you around” He had said and left...
Ola was celebrated that day by both students and lecturers who had heard 
about her decision...
Yet as Oba stood behind his sister who was receiving hugs, he was not sure 
he was going to let Ola go through with her decision...

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 7

“You can’t do this...” Oba kept repeating this phrase as he sat with his sisters 
in the theatre hall after the students had dispersed.
Ope was silent because she knew she couldn’t say anything meaningful at 
that point. All she did was to continually look at her twin. She was bewildered 
at Ola’s selflessness...
“ Ope and Oba, someday what I am doing right now will make a lot of sense 
to you...Let’s get going... I have a lot of packing to do..”
“ Where will you be staying?” Ope managed to ask as it was obvious Miss 
Johnson may have sold her place.
“ Good question!” Ola said managing to give a smile... “Hmm... I have been 
thinking about that and the only good idea that popped to my head is for me 
to get a small apartment beside the school, so I won’t be far away.”
Ope hugged her sister in tears...
Ola didn’t want Ope doing this if only she knew the internal battle she was 
facing... She didn’t want to break down and cry. She knew God was with 
them, but everything they were going through was overwhelming. Ola’s eye 
became teary but she didn’t want to betray the confidence she was trying to 
instil in her siblings as regards her decision, so she took a deep breath and 
made sure the tears did not drop. However, Oba saw the tears in her eyes and 
that made him walk away...
Oba went far away to the chapel, he was torn between a lot of choices.
“ God, tell me what to do? ... My heart wants to stay in school and finish my 
education, so I can get a good job to take care of my siblings, but my 
reasoning is saying otherwise...” Oba said as he wept on his knees...
Ope on the other hand as she was walking Ola to her hostel said...
“ I promise not to disappoint you, I will come out in flying colours. Thanks 
for the sacrifice.”
No one knew what Oba must have heard from God, but on seeing Ola later 
that evening, he said...
“ Ola, thank you for your bravery and I totally agree with your decision.”
Ola was elated.
The next day, Ola left the school premises very early in search of a mini 
apartment close to the school premises. After checking out different one-
room apartments, she later settled for the cheapest, which was about 
N75,000 per year. It was in the “ghetto” part of the environment.
Ola settled in her apartment within a few days with great hopes of finding a 
good business to venture in. She made different enquiries about the nature 
of the business that was lucrative in the vicinity and she got about 5 different 
businesses she could venture in.
Ola decided to take the 5 businesses to the Lord in prayer as she did not want 
to invest the N270,000 left with her wrongly. This was the training their 
father had imputed into them. Fasting and prayer was a regular thing with 
the trio as sometimes when they had no food to eat, her father would tell 
them to turn that day into a fasting day...He thought them the importance of 
seeking God’s face through fasting and prayer.
Therefore, Ola engaged in 3 days fasting and prayer program and on the third 
day after observing her vigil, she heard a strange knock at her entrance...
“ Knock Knock!” A strange voice called out to her...
Ola became scared. Who was knocking at her door at 3 am in the morning...
“ We know you are a good girl, so we are not here to harm you, we just need 
the money with you...” Sukki said.
Sukki was a street urchin in the vicinity, His birth name was Sunkanmi, but 
he changed it to Sukki, to make it more trendy and “street fancy”. He was 
popularly known for robbing people, but could not be arrested as his father 
was the powerful herbalist in the environment. He usually got away with his 
“ The money?, who told them I had money with me... ?“ Ola looked under her 
school box, where she had kept the money. It was still in the brown envelope 
Miss Johnson had given them. Ola had collected the N350,000 from Oba and 
had given him the N500, 000 instead, to pay ahead for him and Ope’s fees.
“ Schoolgirl, open this door... it was one of your school people that told us 
you have money, and we have been monitoring your movements, so we know 
you have it with you...”
“Sukki, why are you speaking English to this girl... break this door down 
now!” Torture, one of the armed robbers said
“ Make we break this door down...” Axe said angrily too...
Ola was scared that she peed on herself...
“ Jesus!, Jesus!” Ola kept shouting as she couldn’t move from the point she 
was hiding in the room...She had recoiled herself into a corner in the room...None of the neighbours came out to help. Axe and Torture started pushing 
the door with their legs...
“ Jesus, Jesus!” Ola kept screaming ....
But, suddenly she saw the door give way...

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 10

Sukki suddenly realized he had been outsmarted by Torture and Axe when 
one of the other boys told him he had seen them boarding a bus...
“ Axe, Torture blood go flow...” Sukki said as he beat his chest. His intention 
was to visit their parents’ house and spill some blood. As he made a turn 
towards Torture’s house, he began to hear sporadic gunshots, which had 
more effect than his ‘toy gun’...
“ Soldiers...Soldiers” Some of Sukki’s boys ran towards him informing him, 
that someone must have called the soldiers from the nearby barracks.
Sukki knew soldiers were more brutal than police officers. Instinct told him 
this was the time to bow and run from the stage...He rushed into his father’s 
power chamber.
“ Father, the soldiers are coming... It was Torture and Axe that took the 
money...I need to get out of here fast...” Sukki said to his father in his mother 
“ You are right... You need to get out of here right now!” His father replied
Sukki’s father gave him a charm that could make him disappear and in few 
seconds, he was out of there...
Ola laid on the bed thinking about her virginity, thinking about how she had 
dreamt of her future husband being the first to ever make love to her... Her 
father had shown She and Ope their mother’s pant that had her virginity 
blood on it...He had told them proudly he was the first and only man their 
mother ever slept with before she died and that was why he couldn’t bring 
himself to marrying someone else after their mother’s demise.
Ola felt more pain as she thought of how unfortunately she had lost her own 
virginity not on her volition, but by rape. She felt guilty for a belief she had 
once had about girls who were raped. 
She used to be of the opinion that any girl that was raped, asked for it based 
on her interaction with the opposite sex or probably her way of dressing, but 
now she knew better. She concluded in her pain that Anyone who had ever 
been raped whether by chance or by facilitating it was a VICTIM.
Tears flowed down her face as she tried to gain enough strength to pull 
herself together. She knew she needed a bath, because knowing who Ope 
was, Ope was going to be at her place any moment.
“Sukki ending my call abruptly must have raised suspicion in Ope, and I don’t 
want Ope and Oba seeing me this way! I can’t afford to have them unhappy, 
it will affect their academics, “Ola get up!” Ola encouraged herself
However, Ola’s Body was not responding to her motivational talk, also her 
emotions were betraying her...
“ God! Why?” Ola finally screamed out in her heart as she had tried so hard 
not to blame God or say anything against God since Sukki left
And like a flash, Ola remembered her Father’s words...
“ I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: 
Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead” Baba 
Jenriayegbe had told his children during one of his Bible study time with 
“ These words were spoken by Paul the Apostle and it has been my life 
motto... Oba, Ope, Ola never give up on your dreams until you achieve it. 
Some flops might come along the way, some unplanned casualties may come 
to scare you or discourage you from your dreams, you must go past it and 
leave that experience in the past.say this after me loud and clear...MY PAST IS IN MY PAST, I PRESS 
The trio had repeated after their father...
“ Now listen, what does it mean to press?”
“ To exert pressure” Oba had replied
“ To strain” Ope had said...
“ To push” Ola had said
“Good, So whenever you face challenges along the journey of life, you must 
rise up, because you have not achieved your goal. At that point, you may be 
weak but you have to push, you have to strain yourself, you have to exert 
pressure on yourself to move to your desired future...”
“Where is the Bible verse, Father?” Oba the bookworm had asked
“ Philippians 3: 13-14”
Ola remembered that day so clearly as she laid on the bed... At that moment, 
She knew she had not gotten the answer to why God allowed the rape but she 
had gotten what she needed to do...She stretched her hand to pick up her 
Bible and opened to that portion of the Bible...She was using the New Living 
translation, her version read.
“ No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one 
thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead”
Her tears flowed as she understood what God was trying to tell her...
“ Ola, you haven’t achieved your vision of becoming wealthy to help lives, 
therefore forget what has just happened, it is your past, though a recent past, 
but you need to press forward.”
With those words dropping into her heart, Ola put in all her strength and 
rose from the bed. Her tears had no break, it flowed ceaselessly.
Her legs were wobbly, so she laid on the floor and dragged herself to her 
Her strawberry soap suddenly looked like evil, so she took her detergent and 
took her bath with that instead, sitting on the floor...
Towards Evening, Oba and Ope were able to get out of the school. Micheal 
had visited Ope at her hostel earlier during the chaos. and handed over 
N150,000 to her. He told Ope, she should give it to Ola as a gift to invest in 
whatever business she wanted to go into. Ope was elated but also afraid as 
she had not heard from Ola.
Ola’s Landlady who was an elderly woman had paid her a visit, apologizing 
for not coming to her rescue when she was being robbed...
“ My heart and prayers were with you, but I couldn’t do anything as I was 
scared that ruthless boy could shoot me.” She had said apologetically.
She had called a carpenter to fix Ola’s door...
Ope and Oba got to Ola’s place, and on reaching her, Ola had composed 
herself but there was a problem...
Ola couldn’t speak again...

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 8

The door came collapsing right in front of Ola. The sound that followed was 
loud and Ola hoped someone in the neighbourhood would have at least heard 
and would come to her rescue. She couldn’t believe the door was down and 
she was face to face with the robbers.
Ola stayed glued to the spot...and she wished Rapture could just take place 
at that moment ...
“ Where the money dey?” Torture screamed at Ola...( Where is the money?)
“ Torture!!! calm down, you no suppose talk to school girl like dat nao...” (You 
are not meant to talk to a learned girl like that!) Sukki said as he walked 
confidently towards Ola. 
Ola felt like a little child about to devoured by a big buffalo...Sukki bent down 
and spoke quietly to Ola.
“ Hey, beautiful school girl, Where is the money?” Sukki said as he softly 
caressed Ola’s rosy cheeks
“Hmmm...” Sukki said as he sniffed Ola’s body... “You smell like strawberry 
ice cream, my best flavour”.
Ola’s best flavour was strawberry, therefore her body cream, body spray was 
always strawberry flavoured. Ope had always told her jokingly that someday, 
someone might eat her up thinking she was a piece of cake or ice cream...
Ola wished she had not taken her bath that night before sleeping as Sukki 
was sniffing her entire body.ola knew it was time to talk or else it was going to be her virginity that she 
would be robbed off any moment.
“ The money is under my box”, She said as she pointed towards her box...
The boys rushed towards the box, except Sukki who was looking at Ola with 
so much amusement in his eyes...
“ That’s the money!” Ola said to Sukki in a bid to shift his attention from her...
“ Even your mouth smells like Strawberry!” Sukki said
“ Oh my God!, Why did you ever create Strawberry, it’s about to land me in 
trouble!” Ola thought as she knew she had used her strawberry flavoured 
toothpaste before sleeping.
“ I feel like eating you right now!” Sukki said
“Sukki, Sukki, Make we commot, we don carry the money...( Let’s get out of 
here, we have the money)” Torture said
“ I can’t leave just like that, I need to take strawberry,” Sukki said as he had 
forcefully landed his lips on Ola’s lips...
“Please, Please... don’t please... please I am a virgin please,” Ola said as hot 
tears came rolling down her cheeks...Fear had taken over her mind.
Sukki was taken aback, but the spirit that drove him was having a better and 
stronger hold on him than his reasoning...
“ Sukki leave this babe, Make we waka!” ( Sukki, Let the Lady be, Let’s get 
going!) Torture said as he dragged Sukki from Ola...KINTUNDE
A fight ensued...
Sukki slapped torture...
“ You Dey mad?” ( Are you crazy?) Sukki said
“ Sukki, leave the babe, she just talk say she never know man before, no rob 
her body, the money don do” ( Sukki, Let the girl be, She just told you, she is 
a virgin, Don’t rob her of her pride, the money we have taken is okay)
“ Torture, get out of here ...” Sukki said as he brought out a charm from his 
pocket with the intention of hitting Torture with it...
Torture stepped back in fear as he knew what the Charm could do to him. It 
was a paralyzing charm. Sukki had gotten it from his father, whenever they 
were going to do their evil works, Sukki took it along. Once it hits the target, 
the target becomes weak like jelly. It usually takes 24 hours to wear off...
Ola didn’t know what it was, but she cared less. All she knew was Sukki or 
whatever his name was, was not going to have his way with her...
Torture stepped out of the room with regrets in his eyes. He wished he could 
take the paralyzing charm from Sukki and hit his head with it 20 hot times, 
but he knew Sukki could have him killed afterwards...
Meanwhile, Ope was having a terrible nightmare in her room back at the 
hostel. She woke up very restless. She knew the feeling. Something was not 
well with Ola wherever she was. She picked her phone and dialled Ola’s 
Ola’s phone rang. Sukki grabbed it and turned it off...
“ Please .. Don’t rape me...” Ola begged 
“ I promise to be soft and gentle, Strawberry!” Sukki said as he parted Ola’s 
“ Please....” Ola started raising her voice
“ If I were you, I wouldn’t do that, because this thing in my hand will turn 
you to a dumb girl if I hit it on you...” Sukki said, but Ola wasn’t listening...
She raised her voice and Sukki in defence hit her with the paralyzing charm...
Ola became like a lifeless body. She fell to the ground like a pack of 
cards...Her brain was still functioning but she couldn’t raise her hands or any 
part of her body, and most importantly she couldn’t find her voice...
At that same moment, Ope felt like something hit her. She suddenly felt 
feverish, she walked to the fan control and turned off the fan... Her roommate 
woke up...
“ Ope, What’s wrong?” Tise asked
“ Feeling feverish...” Ope had said
“ Oh!, sorry about that, you should visit the health centre in the morning...”
“ No, I should visit Ola at her apartment, I feel something is wrong with her!” 
Ope said as she knew the feeling she was having
“ Really?, How do you know that!” Tise asked
“ You can’t understand, there is this bond between twins, that one feels the 
emotion of the other even when they are miles apart and right now what
feel is fear,” Ope said as she could not explain in plain English what she was 
“ Ok.., then why don’t you give her a call?” Tise suggested
“ I have but after it rang for a while, it stopped and when I tried calling back, 
it was switched off,” Ope said as she paced around
“ That’s not a good sign...”Tise said sitting up
“ Yes!... Not a good sign, I don’t know what to do...” Ope said obviously very 
“ Pray!, Let’s Pray...That’s the only thing to do when you don’t know what to 
do...” Tise said
“ I have no strength to pray right now... Honestly, I feel like my strength has 
been sapped out of me..” Ope said as she sat on the ground
That was exactly how Ola was feeling in her apartment as she laid on the bare 
cold floor looking at Sukki who was pulling off his trousers... She watched in 
tears...She couldn’t move one bit and couldn’t defend herself...
She was about to be raped and robbed of her pride she had guarded jealousy 
for years...
“ God where are you?” Ola cried out from her heart as her voice had been 
stolen from her...  

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 9

Sukki declared war after he left Ola because something went wrong! What?
After Axe and Torture had left the room, Sukki had forced his way into Ola. 
On satisfying himself, he stood up and said...
“ Schoolgirl, I am sorry but a man has to do what he has to do...”
Sukki ran out expecting to meet Torture and Axe outside but they were 
nowhere in sight...
Sukki called out in a whisper...
“ Torture, Torture, Axe... Axe, where are you?” He got no response. He 
wondered where they were.
The money!
Sukki knew Torture could not be trusted with money! Sukki ran as fast as his 
legs could carry him towards Torture’s house.
As soon as Sukki was out of sight, Torture and Axe came out of where they 
were hiding.
“ He don go” (He is gone!) Torture said
“ Torture you sure say this thing wey we wan do no go backfire?” 
“ Axe, Na if we no do Wetin we wan do now, Na Dat time, we go see fire” (Axe, 
it is when we fail to do what we have to do now that we will experience fire) 
Torture said
Torture had convinced Axe when Sukki was indoors with Ola that, they 
should betray Sukki. He had convinced Axe that it was bad of them to rob the 
innocent girl of her money and her pride. He said he didn’t want to 
experience God’s wrath. They had agreed that once Sukki left, they would 
return the money to the girl and lie to Sukki that policemen had accosted 
them while they were waiting for him outside and since they wanted to cover 
his evil deed, they gave the money to the officers...
It seemed like a perfect plan...
As Torture and Axe got back into the room, they saw Ola lying helplessly on 
the floor with her two legs spread wide apart. Her eyes were pouring out tears 
on its own...
“ Schoolgirl, sorry for wetin Sukki do you...Take, Keep your moni, Sukki no 
know say we come here, so if morning reach wash yourself, run go keep the 
moni, for bank..” ( Schoolgirl, We are sorry for what Sukki has done to you, 
Have your money. Sukki doesn’t know we came back here, so once it’s early 
in the morning, Hurry and keep it safe in the bank)..Torture said pointing 
the money towards Ola who was looking at him helplessly.
Torture expected her to stretch forth her hand to receive the money, but he 
noticed Ola didn’t move...
“ Schoolgirl, Schoolgirl “ he moved closer to her to be sure she was still alive. 
Recognition of what was happening to Ola dawned on him. Sukki had hit her 
with the paralyzing charm...
“ F**k Sukki..., God punish Sukki” Torture dropped the money and lifted Ola 
“ Torture... Wetin You Dey do?” ( Torture what are you doing?) Axe asked
“ You Dey blind? You no see say Sukki don weak this girl? ( Are you blind?, 
Can’t you see Sukki has made this girl weak?) Torture said as he placed Ola 
on her bed.
“Enter her kitchen, look for water and salt” ( Get into her kitchen, bring water 
and salt) Torture said loudly at Axe.
Axe dashed into Ola’s mini kitchen and scattered the whole place looking for 
Salt. He saw a small container with the label “ Sugar”.
He brought it out to Torture...
Torture looked at the inscription...
“ You be mumu... You know read say Na shuga...” ( You are a fool, can’t you 
read the inscription “ Sugar”).
Axe ran back bringing the second container with “ Salt” inscription on it.
He took a bowl and poured water in.
“ Na in be dis!” ( This is it) Axe said
“ Mix salt for the water,” Torture said as he looked for a nearby cloth...
Sukki had told Torture in time past, that his father had told him Salt was a 
neutralizing ingredient. Sukki had told him, if anyone ever hit him with a 
charm, he should get water mixed with salt and make some incantations in 
other to regain his strength.
Unfortunately, Torture was confused, he didn’t know the incantation. He 
really wanted to help the innocent girl. Then something else dropped in his 
heart as he saw Ola’s Bible on her Bed.
In his lack of Spiritual knowledge, he picked the Bible and placed it on Ola’s 
chest and as he dabbed Ola with the cloth he had soaked in the saltwater, he 
kept shouting...
“ Jesus!, Jesus !”
Ope had laid back on the bed crying, she couldn’t tell why she was crying but 
she felt she was about to lose something precious to her...
Tise couldn’t pray as she had to console Ope.
“ Ope, I really don’t understand why you are crying!” Tise said in frustration
“ I have a feeling Ola is dying...” Ope said
“ I reject it in Jesus name!” Tise said
“ You know what, I am not going to join you in this pity party, “ Tise said as 
she also started shouting
“ Jesus!, Jesus!”
Micheal had woken up from a frightening dream. He was the boy who had 
hugged Ola after her speech at the Theater hall.
He had seen the girl, Ola, who had sacrificed her education for her siblings 
in his dream.
He saw her walking away from the school, he saw her siblings trying to reach 
out for her, but they couldn’t get hold of her hand. He saw her twin sister 
crying and he also was crying, blaming himself for not helping her...
Micheal woke up frightened, and he suddenly felt he should have helped the 
“ But, I was the one who anonymously contributed N100,000 out of the 
N500,000 that the student body gave her!” Micheal tried trying to convince 
himself of helping Ola already
“ But you have the capacity to do more!” Micheal’s conscience replied
“ Ok. I will do more...” Micheal said as he went back to sleep...
“ Won’t you at least pray for her? that’s another way of helping!” Micheal’s 
conscience pricked him again...
Micheal sat up and also started calling out the name of Jesus!
“ Jesus!”
Oba had a terrible night as he had over 10 dreams of seeing different 
graveyards... He woke up trying to do his devotion when he checked his 
phone and saw Ope’s 20 missed calls. He had put his phone on silent.
“ 20 missed calls!” He knew that was not a good one...
Ola knew her strength was coming back to her. The more the robber was 
calling ‘Jesus’. the more strength she was gaining...Strength entered her 
hands. She moved it.“ She don move her hand!” ( She has moved her hands) Axe said
“ You sure?” ( Are you sure?) Torture asked
Axe nodded...
“Schoolgirl, if you don Dey Get strength, tell me!” ( Schoolgirl once you start 
gaining strength, tell me!) Torture said...
Ola nodded her head, and Torture was elated...
“Jesus name Dey work ooo,” Torture said in excitement...
“Torture, Axe...Torture Axe!” Sukki’s voice rang loud from a far 
distance...followed by sporadic gunshots...
“ Where una dey, bring my moni or else blood go paint street” ( Where are 
you, bring my money or else there will be bloodshed.)
Axe and torture froze in fear...
“ Torture, I tell you, make we carry this moni go give him...”( Torture I told 
you, Let’s give him the money) Axe said in fear
“ No... No...” Torture took the money and hid it in Ola’s kitchen. He grabbed 
Axe hand’s and dashed out of Ola’s room...
Ola wanted to tell him “thank you”, but her voice was gone...
Though Sukki had raped her of her pride, she still had reasons to be grateful, 
she was still alive...
Ola laid on the bed hearing the sporadic gunshots.
God, please don’t let Sukki kill Torture and Axe...” the compassionate Ola 
prayed silently in her heart as still in her pain she was thinking of the 
wellbeing of another person...,
The battle became bloody... No one could come out of their houses. Sukki 
had asked for the money and Torture had lied the police officers had taken it 
from him.
Sukki was ready to let all hell loose... His father did not help matters too. His 
father told him he would back him up to fight the police...
Sukki kept shooting with the hope the police will show up...
Torture knew what was best for him and Axe. They hideously fled Town...
Ope and Oba tried to get out of school by morning to see Ola, but because of 
Sukki’s display of gunshots, the school management had ordered the security 
not to let any student out of the gate...
Ola was all alone in her room......and all she could do was ask God for Mercy. 
She wanted to make heaven if death came calling.... and she kept asking God 
a very important question...
“ God, I fasted and prayed for three days and the only prayer I prayed was 
that your purpose be established in my life...Is going through Rape part of 
your purpose for my life?”.....

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 12

Ola had seen herself in her room in the dream and a lady had brought her baby clothes. Female baby clothes to be precise...

“ Take it, it is for your baby OluwaSunmibare” the lady had said

Ola had smiled and said...

“ Aww... thank you...” Ola had replied in the dream

Ola woke up voicing the name  in her heart...

“ OluwaSunmibare...OluwaSunmibare” She repeatedly said in her heart. She tried to translate the Yoruba name to English...

“ God has pushed me towards goodness”... 

“Hmmm... A baby? Am I  pregnant?... the pills...I used the pills the doctor gave me for five days..., but hold on what’s the date?” Ola thought silently as she looked for her phone... 

“July 12th... Oh my God I am 3 days late..” Ola thought in her heart...

“ God please don’t let me be pregnant, I am still dealing with the hurt of being raped, please don’t add pregnancy... I am still trying to see how to feed my siblings and I, please don’t add any other mouth... Who is going to pay for the diapers, baby food, clothes... God please...”

Ola stood up and with firm determination, she told herself she wasn’t going to go for a pregnancy test... She believed strongly she would see her period soon...

“But what if I am really pregnant?” Ola reasoned quietly as she was packing her clothes. The landlady had volunteered to help her pack her belongings to the new house with her car

“ If I am pregnant, it will be too much for Oba and Ope to handle” Ola thought silently...

“ Then it is better I know my fate” Ola concluded in her heart

The pastor of the church Sukki had found himself had taken his case seriously. He had made room for Sukki in the church store and he made it compulsory despite his busy schedule to have daily Bible study with him. 

The same night Ola had the dream about Someone giving her a female baby cloth, Sukki also had found something intriguing and haunting to him from the Bible when he was flipping through the Bible...

“Deuteronomy 22:28-29

“If a man finds a girl who is a virgin, who is not engaged, and seizes her and lies with her and they are discovered, then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall become his wife because he has violated her; he cannot divorce her all his days.”

His heart broke as he remembered the strawberry girl... In all his moments of  mischief, he had never raped a girl, the strawberry girl was his first, and she was a virgin unlike all the loose girls he had been sleeping with...

Sukki realized this verse showed that God was not happy with him for raping the strawberry girl and the only way he thought he might be able to  correct his error was to marry this girl..., but Would she want to marry a man like him...?

“I was a former rogue who had raped her, I had dropped out of university because of cultism related issues...I am the son of a herbalist...” Sukki thought as he sat on the soft mattress in the store room that had been provided for him...

Ola sat at the medical center shaking, she saw the look on the nurse’s face when she handed over the result to her. Ola knew that look... the look of condemnation...

As Ola opened the result her fear was confirmed. She was in deep soup. She was pregnant....

Ola couldn’t help but cry out at the hospital, she burst into loud tears that attracted people’s attention.. She however received sly comments that showed people had  judged her wrongly...

“Look at her, you should have known this would be the result after enjoying what is meant for adults” said an elderly woman

“ She is just shedding fake tears, before you say Jack Robinson, she will go for an abortion “A man also said

“ This generation lacks youths with the sense of morality...”

Ola wished she could scream out loud to defend herself... She rushed towards one of the nurses and grabbed her pen and wrote boldly


Ola raised it up for everyone to see as she was crying profusely...

The atmosphere changed, there was silence everywhere, as those who had condemned her felt ashamed...

“ God, who can question your ways...” A lady who had been silent all the while burst out in tears as she knelt before God...

“ I dare not question you,you made a young dumb girl get pregnant after rape, but I have been praying to you for 7 years for a child, and all I hear in my Spirit is WAIT... I dare not question your ways but show me mercy too” The woman kept crying and the nurses went close to console her...

The atmosphere was filled with “Hmmm...” from different quarters... and Ola’s compassionate self suddenly felt pity for the woman.

If only she could swap wombs with this woman. If only the baby in her womb could be transferred to the woman... Or should she bear the child and give her/ him to the woman..?

Ola reasoned quietly as she kept tearing up and asking God Why He was allowing all these to happen to her...

Then she heard her conscience say to Her....

“ Skilled and Trusted Soldiers stay at the front of the squad at the Battle front”

“ What did that mean?” Ola reasoned silently to herself as the woman came close to give her a comforting hug...

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: “MY FATHER’S FARMLAND”

Sukki found himself in front of a church, the disappearing charm landed him in front of a church. As he raised his head, the first thing he saw was a banner...

“ Theme: No Condemnation in CHRIST JESUS!”

He looked around in fear to be sure no one had seen him appear there suddenly, but what met his eyes was another banner at the entrance of the church...


Those words struck Sukki, it meant something very deep to him...

Ope and Oba were happy when they saw Ola seated on her bed...

“ Thank God, You are fine...” Ope said with a sigh of relief the moment she saw Ola...

“ Ope, you can see she is fine...” Oba said and all Ola could do was respond with a smile...

“ Any food in this house?” Oba said going into the kitchen. Ope sat beside Ola, but she suddenly felt something was amiss when Ola didn’t say anything...

“ What is wrong?” Ope asked Ola

Ola wanted to say “ Nothing” but no sound came out of her mouth. Ope jumped back and beckoned on Oba...

“ Oba, something is wrong with Ola?” Ope said

“ What?”

“ Ola say something...” Ope said frantically but as Ola tried harder, no sound came out of her mouth..

Tears flowed out of her eyes as she knew she would have to do the explanation she didn’t intend to do...

Ope begins to scream and cry... 

“I knew something had gone wrong with Ola , I knew it... Ola What happened?”

Ola gave then a sign  to please give her a pen and paper, so she wrote with the little strength she could gather...

“ I was attacked  by armed robbers last night, I was hit by a charm and raped...”

Ope collapsed.... 

Now, the attention shifted and Ope was the one who needed help.. Ola and Oba tried splashing water on her face, but she wasn’t responding. 

Ola took the paper and wrote “Hospital”. Oba nodded and they both dashed out of the room, with Oba carrying Ope. As they stepped out, Ola remembered the money and Oba remembered the money Micheal had given Ola through Ope. It was in Ope’s handbag . They both dashed back into the room and picked the different pack of money...

It was around 7pm and Ope wasn’t yet awake, although she was breathing as she laid on the hospital bed...Oba had been looking at Ola hideously as he was silently blaming himself for his Sister’s defilement, but like Ola knew what was going on in his mind, she took Oba’s  phone from him and typed ...

“ I know what’s going on in your mind, you think it would have been better if you were the one who was in that room and I was in the hostel... No don’t think that way, because if it had been you, the armed robbers may have killed you.”

Oba read the message and could not help but shed tears. If Ola was not ever going to talk, he wasn’t going to talk either...He typed on his phone

“ You are right... but what are we going to do about your voice?” Oba handed the phone back to Ola and interestingly Ola smiled as the texting thing seemed like fun...

“ We can speak to the doctor about it and besides I enjoy this texting thing... Let me enjoy it while it lasts..,”. Ola handed the phone back to Oba who could not help but smile at the last part of the text. 

“Ola! What a beautiful and strong soul, she is strong as our  father”Oba reasoned quietly... Oba took his sister by the hand and walked to the doctor’s office. Oba explained the situation to the doctor, who told them she might need to see a speech therapist. The doctor also advised Ola should take time to rest because of the rape. He gave Ola a pill that would protect her from unwanted pregnancy.
Ola complained of soreness in her private part. The doctor told her it was normal and that she should try to get some ice packs to relief her of the soreness...

Meanwhile, Sukki was seated at the corner of the church. They were having Evening service. Although Sukki Felt out of place, but it felt like something was pinning him down...He was looking for where to stay. He entered the church with the intention to lie that he was disowned by his father who is a herbalist, because he just gave his life to a Christ, but the words of the pastor was piercing him more..

“ It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, it doesn’t Matter what you have done, God is opening His arms wide to Recieve you... it has to be today. A time is coming where you won’t have your father or your  mother and the only person who will be able to save you is Jesus... Now is the time to give your life over to Christ.” The pastor was saying

Sukki knew it was time to give His life to Christ. He just knew this was it for him. He had been escaping this, but he knew if he missed this, he could be dead soon...

Sukki walked to the front and knelt before the Lord....


“ God will punish him wherever he is, He will never know peace in Jesus name. Joy will be far from him all the days of his life” Ope was saying after she woke up from her unconscious state...

Ola had written the whole incident down and explained in details all that happened...

“ You can’t go back to that house!” Oba said

“ And lose a year rent?” The business minded Ola texted to Oba.

She continued “ I will be fine!” 

Ola gave a stern look and Oba knew that whenever Ola gave that look, it was final.

Ola returned back to her house and on Oba’s insistence, she bought a strong iron door to replace the wooden door. 

Oba and Ope made sure they visited every other day to ensure she was fine, but Ola didn’t like the arrangement as she knew it would affect their academics....

She visited a speech therapist and the bill she was given scared her. She felt if she paid that huge amount of money, she won’t have enough money for her business....

Her being temporarily dumb was not going to kill her dreams. She had to push forward.

Ola wrote to the Landlady About relocating... and would appreciate if she could have a refund of her rent. Ola explained she had been having nightmares as result of what happened to her in that room. The landlady was very receptive and in fact  told Ola she would help her get a better apartment ...

The landlady made some calls and surprisingly one of her friends who was a dealer of Eggs wanted to rent a room out. The landlady took Ola there to see if she would like it...

Fortunately for Ola, the house was behind the University where Ope and Oba were. The house also had good security. Ola nodded in excitement and she was all smiles...

The landlady paid her friend and Ola went back with her to pack her things...The plan was for her to move in the next day, but Ola had a strange dream on her last night in that room....

[4/18, 11:32 AM] Mummy Busola Okubanjo Divinity: PART 13

“ Can you come with me to my house” Banke said as she kept wiping her tears. Ola had written out a summary of all that happened to her and her siblings...

Banke could not believe something like that could happen to a human being and that person could still  have her faith strong in God. This thing about her not talking was terMinimize
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