Introducing Ayocer affiliate

Make $6,000+ Monthly in 3 Easy Steps

Ayocer is a social media platform where you can share, text, and connect freely. It's a product-bundled platform featuring products and services spanning accross many industries.

There are numerous mechanisms allowing users to earn on and through the platform. You can literally make thousands of dollars monthly just by inviting your friends and family to connect!

Refer and earn $0.01 per signup that's $10/1000 sign up. The bigger your influence the bigger your wallet. Learn to multiply your earning below 👇

Instant withdrawal to Paypal or Skrill. 🏦 Bank transfer comming soon.

Affiliate Earning In 3 Steps


Create your free account

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Creating an account on Ayocer is the first step to earning as it assigns you a free wallet. You can easily create your account in few easy steps and be done in less than a minute.

Ayocer is a revolutionary social media platform with amazing functionality. It's free to join and fun to be on. See the product offering page to learn why Ayocer is the next big thing!

Create Your Free Account

Upgrade your account

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There are three tiers of packages you can upgrade to (starter, premium, and apex) all having varying degree of functionality.

The bigger your package, the more functionality unlocked and more money you can earn. However, since all package enables you to earn from referral, you can always start with the starter package (costing only $10 monthly).

Upgrade Now

Refer and Earn

The Ayocer platform is extremely easy to use

Now that you upgraded to a paid package, all you need to do is spread the word. You can post on forums, facebook, twitter, reddit, youtube, etc.

Note: Inviting people to ayocer enables you to earn monthly referral commision from the user and others they invite even up to the fourth generation. Learn more

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If you invited just 10 people that upgraded and also invited 10 people each and it continues to the 4th generation. Here's an average you would make monthly:

One 20% 10 $20
Two 15% 100 $150
Three 10% 1,000 $1,000
Four 5% 10,000 $5,000
Estimated Monthly Earning $6,170

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