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Group is a community organized around a particular topic or interest.
A page is professional account that is separate from your main account and allows you to promote your brand, business, and organization.
Giveaway is a system that allows users on the platform to gift money to algorithmically selected users from the people who engaged with the post.
Create and customize blogs and share your knowledge, interest, and passion with a wilder audience around the globe.
Create fundraiser campaigns and raise funds for a cause, project or event.
Connect Platforms
You can connect other platforms such as twitter, reddit, pinterest, and linkedin and manage them from your ayocer account.
Security and Privacy
We want you to be able to use and enjoy our platform without having to sacrifice your security and privacy. Learn more about the security and privacy options available to you on Ayocer.
LinkEx (Beta)
We understand that many people having a presence online ( i.e owns or manage a website ) face some degree of challenges when it comes to driving traffic to their content. This prompted us to create the LinkEx (CDS) program to help publishers reach more customers and audience and boost traffic to their published content. Learn more
Ayocer wallet is a simple system that allows you to receive and hold monetary value on the Ayocer platform with your user account.
Getting Started
Ayocer is a platform that requires you to signup for an account in order to gain access to some features and functionalities on the site. Here you can find tutorials an articles on how to create and manage an account on Ayocer